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Legal Notice 


eMacromall.com is a non-profit website owned by Computing Engineering, Inc. (CEI). The mission is to provide visitors a virtual information mall with an easy connection to 1000's popular websites ranging from government, finance, investments, politics, education, and technology to travel, job search, and entertainment while engaging content and entertainment throughout the visits. The purpose of the use of information or images found on this website serves the ends of increased knowledge, education, entertainment or an informed public. The site has no advertising and no membership.

eMacromall.com is not responsible or liable for any actions taken by the visitors as a result of using or viewing material posted on the website. Information and photos/images found on eMacromall.com were obtained from the public domain after believing/knowing that they are not copyrighted.  However, if any information, article or photo/image found on eMacromall.com is belonging to you or your organization, and you would like us to remove it, please let us know.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is importantto us.  We respect and protect every visitor's privacy. We may keep the e-mail addresses of those who communicate with us via e-mail, and may sometimes send out surveys. The information we collect is primarily used to improve eMacromall.com and it will not be shared with any organizations.  eMacromall.com may in certain circumstances disclose information when we reasonably believe that such action is necessary to (1) conform with legal requirements or comply with legal processes; (2) protect and defend the rights and property of eMacromall.com.

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eMacromall.com has no control over the contents of its external websites.  It is not responsible for its external websites' contents, business and/or activities. It is important to note that eMacromall.com contains external websites other than eMacromall.com, and that those sites may not have the same privacy policies as those of eMacromall.com.  


All ideas and design work found on eMacromall.com are the properties of CEI, and are copyrighted.  The "Copyright " found on this website is used for this indication. Reproduction in whole or in part without prior written permission is prohibited. No whole or part of each webpage of eMacromal.com is held in any electronic storage device without prior written permission. 

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