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Amazon - Last year, there were 17 million people from more than 160 countries visited the Amazon online shopping mall.  Amazon has world's biggest selection of products, including free electronic greeting cards, online auctions, and millions of books, CDs, videos, DVDs, toys and games, and electronics.

Auctionnet - "AuctionNet.Com" has been online since 1995 providing quality merchandise with their catalog of over 4,000 items. It also provides links to some major auction sites, such as 4 Auction, A&A Auction Gallery, Agdeal, Antique Trails, Art & Antiques, Art Forum,  eBay, Global Auction Online, and Virtual Warehouse. is a premiere online auction site for thousands of items. The items include comics, cards, figures, computers, dolls, toys & models, electronics, home, garden & pet supplies, jewelry & fashion, music, TV & entertainment, collectibles & memorabilia, sporting goods & recreation, sports cards & collectibles, stamps, coins & currency.

BarGainHut - is a site that gives the seller an online auction that doesn't require the seller to work everyday to manage sales and keep items listed. BargainHut allows the buyer to use keywords when entering and finding an auction item online.

Bliquid - is an online auction site for industrial and business-related equipment such as tractors and related items.  

Disturbing Auctions - This site is dedicated to the research and study of the most bizarre items found for sale on internet auction sites. Not the obviously fake auctions, like the infamous human kidney, but truly tacky stuff that people really, honestly, believed that someone would (and in some cases did) buy.

eBay is the world's largest personal online trading community. eBay created a new market: efficient one-to-one trading in an auction format on the Web. Individuals—not big businesses—use eBay to buy and sell items in more than 4,320 categories, including automobiles, collectibles, antiques, sports memorabilia, computers, toys, Beanie Babies, dolls, figures, coins, stamps, books, magazines, music, pottery, glass, photography, electronics, jewelry, gemstones, and much more.

eHammer is a major source auctions for antiques and collectibles of American and European origins. Some of the categories include  American Antiques, British and European Antiques, Asian Antiques, Artwork and Prints, Collectibles, Comic Books and Art, Ephemera, Photography, Pottery and Porcelain, Toys, Jewelry and more.

eWolfs Over the last twenty-five years Wolfs has developed its niche in the international art market and has enjoyed its growth as an important regional auction house. WOLF'S has earned its status as an important venue for its ability to continually offer an abundance of high quality, 'fresh to the market' merchandise from fine estates, private and public collections on a regular basis.

NuAction is an online auction site that is easy to use and provides many categories of items daily for buyers. The auction categories include books, antiques, computers, collectibles, coins & stamps, jewelry, photo & electronics, toys, travel, sports, and clothing.

ReserveAuction is a new web site well designed and easy to use. The site offers many auction categories and items.

Sportsline offers online auction in the US. The categories of auction items include apparel, auto racing, sports collectibles, sports equipment, health and fitness, and others

TradeOut is a leading online marketplace for businesses buying and selling excess inventory and idle assets. brings together thousands of companies to buy and sell surplus assets in over 100 product categories, using flexible, online transaction capabilities. is an independent exchange, and therefore does not purchase or take possession of assets, collect payments, fulfill purchase orders or represent any buyers or sellers.

USAuctions provides an exciting auction environment. The web site is designed to make  selling or buying at easy.

Yahoo! Auctions offers online auction in Americas, Europe and Pacific Rims. This site is probably the most comprehensive internet auction site available with thousands of items and many many auction categories.

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