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Auto Buyer provides a web site service paid for by subscribing dealers who have committed to giving the best possible prices to people who use the convenience of the Internet to purchase their new car.

Autobytel served over 4 million customers since inception, and presently selling over $1.6 million in cars an hour. knows how consumers want to buy cars.

Auto Trader allows the buyer to search the largest used car inventory on the Internet. More than 1.5 million listings, updated daily.

Auto Web  provides a wealth of unbiased research to help the buyer to find and purchase the right car on their own terms.

Car Club - The mission of is to provide automotive consumers with the best car owning experience they will ever have. Whether by web or by phone, Carclub aims to offer comprehensive car selection, cost savings, and state of the art service.

Carmax offers shoppers to shop online at Customers can browse through over 10,000 new & used vehicles nationwide. No online middleman is involved. Get actual prices online instantly.

Cars, the web site that features extensive databases of new and used vehicles and all the tools necessary to help consumers make an informed buying decision, including a used-car search, new-car dealer locator, model reports and reviews, a loan calculator and practical car-care advice. is much more than a vehicle-referral site.

Cars Cost is a factory order program for year 2000 domestic models where you can purchase your selected vehicle at dealer invoice cost. Dealer invoice is often thousands of dollars below the window sticker price.

Cars Direct is the first destination on the Internet where consumers can research, price, design, order and arrange for delivery of a new vehicle at their home or the office. Nationally launched in May 1999, the company is the first to capitalize on the convergence of e-commerce with the growing "commoditization" of automobiles.

Car Point is an easy to use web site that provides a used car marketplace. It provides prices & reviews, most up-to-date car invoice and MSRP pricing plus hundreds of hard-hitting test drive reports.

Car Prices provides reviews, specifications and all the details on hundreds of new cars. Customers can research on a  new car, start a price war and get the best price on a new car, guaranteed. 

Dealer Net web site provides guidance that allows the buyers to save money on a new car; get a free online price quote from a dealer of buyer's choice, find online dealers and see what's in stock at 6,794 car dealerships across the United States. Buyers can also shop for insurance conveniently and securely without sales pressure; receive real quotes tailored to needs from the most trusted names in insurance.

Giggo/Capital One was established by a group of experts in the automotive and finance industries who can assist customers in viewing, buying, locating, selecting and financing a new or used car.

GM Buy Power is the site that allows the buyers to go through a few easy steps to pinpoint a vehicle perfect for him or her: view, build, locate, select and buy.

Green Light puts the buyer in control of the car buying process, making it easier and less expensive. Greenlight lets the buyer to customize the car, check actual prices, order online and arrange for delivery.

Kars is a web site to provide Classic Auto Registry Service. Classic Auto Registry Service has been the leading source for buying, selling and locating classic and collectible automobiles. 

National Auto Directory - Now you can locate car dealers in your area easier than ever before. is the fastest growing new car dealer site on the net. Over 19,000 new car dealers are already online. Many more are being added every month. It's all very simple and very fast.

New Cars is an Internet site that allows the buyer to get an invoice plus quote from an accredited dealer.

StoneAge is an online car buying service meant for people seriously in the market to buy a vehicle. This process allows the buyers to build the exact vehicle they want.

Trader Online is a leader in online classifieds. Trader Publishing Company has more than 80 local offices across the country, all of which are ready to serve a buyer or seller.

Vehix offers information car buyers need to know objectively, clearly, and completely. Here in one place, buyers will find everything needed to drive any and all automotive decisions. 

Used Cars is an Internet site that has one of the largest databases of used cars on the Internet. 

Used Cars Plus provides online source to review, research, and find used cars for sale online.. 

Audi, since its inception, has always stayed well ahead of the curve. This site is no exception. Now, by opening a My Audi account, buyer can harness the power of the latest in Web technologies for an online experience that is almost as thrilling as being first time behind the wheel of a new Audi.

BMW is a simple web site that provides detail information on it different models of cars and motor cycles. This site also features sections on life style and online ordering.

Buick offers real cars that are solid and substantial, with more power than a driver may ever need. Cars that are unapologetically comfortable, with wide seats and room to stretch and accommodating enough for entire family.

Cadillac tradition is about using what a buyer learned in the past to make life better in the present. A Cadillac owner will find that the vehicle itself is one of the many privileges he or she will enjoy. Cadillac offers from a long list of Owner Privileges, to one of the most comprehensive extended warranties available. 

Chevrolet has become a part of the American landscape. Maybe that's because Chevrolet has always worked hard to build performance, style and quality into dependable, long-lasting cars that go the distance. 

DaimlerChrysler with a combined history of over 200 years, DaimlerChrysler is, at its inception, a leading automotive, transportation and services company, with its car, truck, train, aerospace and financial services businesses all ranked at or near the top of their respective industries.

Dodge cars make their unique statements on the road. In considering a Dodge product customers know itís a product of one of the longest proudest, histories in the automobile industry.

Ford web site allows customers to browse, build or buy new & pre-owned vehicles, merchandise and accessories, and get financing. One can enjoy exclusive owner benefits and get personalized information. 

General Motors is the place for GM cars and trucks and other innovative, people-centered products touch the lives of hundreds of millions of people nearly everywhere on the planet every day. 

Honda, a name in automotive industry with a philosophy of maintaining an international viewpoint, and remaining dedicated to supplying products of the highest efficiency yet at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction.

Hyundai Motor Company was established in 1967, produced a succession of new models in 1998, starting with the EF Sonata and XG have earned Hyundai the highest accolades in the international automotive press and sustained exports combined with favorable export conditions have partially offset loss experienced in the domestic market. 

Isuzu Motors Limited has been in business for over 80 years, building everything from Troopers to Commercial Vehicles to PowerTrain. Beyond production, Isuzu Fleet Sales is their way to help the success of every business.

Jaguar offers vehicles that are graceful, powerful, state-of-the-art. They represent the very best of the modern world. At this site, customers can build his or her Jaguar and locate a dealer.

Kia will continue itís efforts to create a new automobile culture for the 21st Century and a new millennium. Kia automobiles have earned global recognition for excellence in safety and dynamic performance. Kia has drawn the media spotlight earning lavish praise for the sophisticated styling of the Sophia, Sportage, Sportage 2-Door and KEV-4 hybrid vehicle. 

Lotuscars produces Lotus vehicles is on the forefront of technology. At this site find a dealer and get pricing information.

Mazda is a company dedicated to developing vehicles that are distinctive, innovative, and most of all, satisfying to drive. Working to anticipate the ever-changing needs of drivers, Mazda is furthering its commitment to advancing environmental responsibility and occupant safety.

Mercedes offers a world of excitement and passion, and a level of service that every other marque aspires to offer. The site allows the user to browse through the greatest collection of Mercedes-Benz automobiles ever assembled.

Mitsubishi web site provides information on passenger cars, recreational vehicles, high-performance cars, light commercial vehicles, trucks, and buses.

Pontiac, from the latest accolades from car experts, to events in the GM community, to all-new vehicle launches, it's easy to see that exciting things are happening at Pontiac. Pontiac continues its award-winning tradition of driving excitement this year. 

Saab builds dynamic cars which offer superior driver control by combining high performance with outstanding safety. The design is distinctive. The company is committed to satisfying their customers in sales and service.

Saturn offers cars of unique design and so convenient, useful and sensible that its wonder why no one thought of it until now. The Saturn LS has won Motor Week Driver's choice award, and was cited by Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine as the best new car in its class.

Subaru of America, Inc. is the exclusive marketing and distribution company for all U.S. Subaru vehicles, parts and accessories. Four lines of cars SOA sells are Outback, Forrester, Legacy, and Impreza. From the web site customers can  search dealerships, obtain MSRP/Specs, and Subaru care information.

Toyota USA provides this Internet site containing information on Toyota vehicles, finance, insurance, and events. Customers can search for dealerships using their dealer locator feature.

Volkswagen offers online car buying including the limited edition New Beetle. The site design is simple and easy to use.

Volvo USA web site provides all information a car buyer may need to make an intelligent decision. The site displays ways to buy a Volvo, new and pre-owned Volvos, and Volvo heritage including safety, quality and racing history. 


All-Car-loans - A site for auto loans and information about the car buying experience.

Car Magazine - The site not only contains prices, specifications and information on every 2000 car and light truck sold in America, but also a complete consumer information guide to buying a new vehicle.

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