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Did You Know?
  1. Three years after the Titanic was crashed into an iceberg on April 15, 1912, killing over 1,500 people, the Lusitania, a British luxury liner, was sunk by a German submarine on May 7, 1915, killing 1,195 people.
  2. SS California was one of the first steamships to steam in the Pacific Ocean and the first steamship to travel from Central America to North America in 1848.
  3. SS Great Western, an oak-hulled paddle-wheel steamship built in 1838, was the first steamship purpose-built for crossing the Atlantic She was the largest steamship for one year, until the British and American's British Queen went into service in 1939.
  4. SS Savannah, an American hybrid sailing ship/sidewheel steamer built in 1818, was the first steamship that used a combination of steam and wind power to cross the Atlantic Ocean. She left the port of Savannah, Georgia, on May 22, 1819, arriving in Liverpool, England, on June 20, 1819. For this 29-day trip only a fraction of the distance was covered with the ship under steam power, the rest was sailed by wind power.
  5. Steamships were invented in the late 18th century by William Symington, John Fitch and Robert Fulton.
  6. MV Doña Paz, which was built in 1963 by Onomichi Zosen of Onomichi, Hiroshima, Japan, and a Philippine-registered passenger ferry, was sunk after colliding with the MT Vector on December 20, 1987, killing 4,341 people.
  7. SS Kiangya, a Chinese passenger steamship that blew up, probably after hitting a mine(probably left by the Japanese navy) on the Huangpu River fifty miles north of Shanghai on 4 December 1948, killing over 4,000 people.
  8. SS Mont-Blanc, a freighter built in Middlesbrough, England in 1899, was exploded in Halifax Harbor, Nova Scotia after colliding with with the Norwegian ship, SS Imo on 6 December 1917, killing over 2,000 people and injuring 9,000 more.
  9. MV Le Joola, a Senegalese government-owned ferry, capsized off the coast of The Gambia on September 26, 2002, killing at least 1,863 people.
  10. SS Sultana, a Mississippi River steamboat paddlewheeler, was exploded on April 27, 1865 near Memphis, Tennessee, killing over 2,400 passengers.
  11. Tek Singa, a large three-masted Chinese ocean-going junk, ran aground on a reef and was sunk on February 6, 1822, in Belvidere Shoals, South China Sea, killing estimated 1,600 people.
  12. RMS Titanic, a British passenger liner, sank in the North Atlantic Ocean on 15 April 1912 after colliding with an iceberg during her maiden voyage from Southampton, UK to New York City, US, killing 1,502 people.
  13. Tōya Maru, a Japanese train ferry, sank during a typhoon in the Tsugaru Strait between the Japanese islands of Hokkaidō and Honshū on September 26, 1954, killing 1,153 people .
  14. RMS Empress of Ireland, an ocean liner, sank in the Saint Lawrence River following a collision with a Norwegian collier on 29 May 1914, killing over 1000 people.
  15. The Sussex, an 80-gun third-rate ship of the line of the English Royal Navy, built in 1693, was sunk in a severe storm on 1 March 1694 off Gibraltar; 500 crew members, but 2, and 10 tons of gold coins were lost with the ship.
  16. Ottoman frigate Ertuğrul, a Ottoman Navy war ship, launched in 1863, carrying 533 sailors, was lost in a severe storm off Kushimoto, Japan, on 18 September 1890.
  17. RMS Atlantic, a transatlantic ocean liner of the White Star Line that operated between Liverpool, United Kingdom, and New York City, United States, ran onto rocks and sank off the coast of Nova Scotia on 1 April 1873, killing 535 people.
  18. SS Princess Alice, built in 1865, was sunk on 3 September 1878 in a collision on the River Thames with the collier Bywell Castle off Tripcock Point, killing over 650 people.
  19. SS Norge, a Danish passenger liner sailing from Copenhagen, Oslo and Kristiansand to New York, ran aground close to Rockall on St. Helen’s Reef on 28 June 1904, killing over 635 people.
  20. MV Princess of the Stars, a ferry - built in 1984 by Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Aio, Japan - carrying over 800 people, sank in Typhoon Fengshen off the coast of San Fernando, Romblon, in the Philippines, killing 747.
  21. SS Camorta, which was caught in a cyclone while crossing the Baragua Flats, was sunk in the Irrawaddy Delta on 6 May 1902 with the loss of all 655 passengers and 82 crew members.
  22. HMS Bulwark, a Royal Navypre-dreadnought battleship, was destroyed by a large internal explosion for the loss of 736 men on 26 November 1914, while anchored near Sheerness,
  23. More than 19 million people worldwide took a cruise in 2011.
  24. Today's cruise ship capacity can range from 30,000 tons to over 220,000 tons.
  25. The Titanic (882 feet 9 inches long, 92 feet wide, 46,328 tons capacity) is a passenger liner that struck an iceberg in the north Atlantic Ocean on her maiden voyage from Southampton, England, to New York City, US, and sank on 15 April 1912, resulting in the deaths of 1,517 people, one of the deadliest peacetime maritime disasters in history.
  26. Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Star (NCL) cruise lines carried about 67% of world's cruise passengers each year.
  27. Each year more than 10 million people take a cruise, of which 80% of cruises were made in North America.
  28. There are over 2000 ports in the world that cruise ships can visit.
  29. About 50% passengers of major world cruise lines begin their trips from Miami, Port Canaveral, and Fort Lauderdale, which are located in Florida.
  30. Caribbean is the most destination for cruise ships
  31. About 90% of cruise tickets are sold through travel agencies.
  32. The cruise ship capacity can range from 30,000 tons to over 220,000 tons.
  33. The most popular cruise port is St Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. There can be up to 10 ships visiting in a single day during the high season.
  34. The North American cruise industry generated 329,943 jobs that contributed a $15.2 billion wage impact on the U.S. economy in 2010.
  35. Carnival Cruise Line, the largest cruise line in the world, operates 23 ships under the Carnival Brand, and also owns 11 other cruise brands, including Princess, Holland America and Costa.
  36. 10 of the 14 largest cruise ships in the world are owned by Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.
  37. The Allure of the Seas by Royal Caribbean is the largest cruise ship in the world (1,187 feet long, 225,000 gross tons) and can hold up to 6,296 passengers.
  38. Carnival Cruise Line, which was built in 2002 (110,000 tons, 953 feet length), has 1,487 staterooms, 556 private balcony staterooms, 13 decks, and can hold up to 1,150 crew members and 2,974 passengers.
  39. Azamara Quest, which entered service since 11/2000 as Renaissance R7 (30,000 tons, 593 feet length, 95 feet wide) and sailed as Azamara Quest since 10/2007, can carry about 710 passengers (double occupancy) plus 410 crew members.
  40. Karin Stahre Janson, the captain of the Royal Caribbean’s Monarch of the Seas, is the first female captain of a major cruise ship.
  41. The cost to build a cruise line can be up to $500 million.
  42. 158,503 gallons (600,000 liters) of paint were used to paint Oasis of the Seas.

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