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About - This online store offers thousands of products, ranging from antique to home electronics, from computer games to business software.  Its net shopping guidance is great! and much more .....

AltaVista - This online store with over one million unique products in objective shopping guide, offers what you are looking for at one of over 700 online retailers available in its comparison shopping service. Its features include Hot Deals, Popular searches, Compare prices, Product Reviews, Compare Products and much more .....

Amazon - This is the place to find and discover anything you want to buy online. 17 million people in more than 160 countries have made Amazon the leading online shopping site. Amazon has Earth's Biggest Selection TM of products, including free electronic greeting cards, online auctions, and millions of books, CDs, videos, DVDs, toys and games, and electronics.

AMS - Access Market Square is the center point for products and services on the web. As the world's first Online Mall, they have made online shopping easy and secure, so your time with AMS and its affiliated sites will be your most enjoyable internet shopping experience yet. Features "Web Trade Center" for you to buy and sell anything on the WWW!

AOL Shop -  This giant online store is currently rotating 450 promotions per hour, across AOL's family of brands. The September 1999 Forrester Report praises Shop@AOL as the "Internet's Miracle Mile". AOL features only the highest-quality goods and services, making it easy to purchase products through its Quick Checkout "wallet" technology.

Asford - Ashford sells quality products from over 300 world class brands. You will get the broadest selection of major brands while providing each customer with incomparable service. Superlative shopping conveniences - free shipping within the continental United States, free gift wrapping, and a 60-day return policy on new watches and a 30-day return policy on all other products.&

Basement - This web site is exciting and game-like, prices are constantly going lower and gratification is immediate -shoppers decide when and how much they want to buy. The dynamic characteristics of the accelerated sales format-anticipating the price drop, an ever-changing product mix, and the lure of great bargains-make for a stimulating shopping experience that brings consumers back.

Bostonproper - Today's active, affluent woman will find a contemporary collection of sportswear, accessories, lingerie and gifts at Boston Proper. You can visit the lifestyle shop and select from the category that best fits your lifestyle: career savvy, on the move, intimate moments, by the shore, touch of elegance, day into evening, relaxed fashion.

Bravogifts - One comprehensive and convenient resource to help you with every single gift your company gives to employees and customers. This web site offers you the most distinctive and creative selection of business- appropriate gifts. Choose from creative and traditional gifts from brands like Swiss Army, Cross, Bulova, and The North Face - plus theatre tickets, gourmet gift baskets, spa gift certificates, and much more!

Citi Plaza - This web site features some special Citibank programs to provide you personal financial assistance, savings on everyday life, leisure, and more. Its Shop Smart feature will help you to compare prices, join a shipping group, review merchant ratings, and get products evaluations.

Delias - This web site targets on casual apparel, accessories and soccer merchandise to young men and women between the ages of 10 and 24, an age group known as "Generation Y".  Delias, which targets Generation Y girls and young women, is the leading direct marketer of casual apparel, related accessories and cosmetics to this demographic group. Find clothes, discounts, bargains, vendor sellouts and more.

Eddie Bauer - This web site offers casual lifestyle clothing, accessories and home furnishings and for the bed and bath. In its 79-year history, Eddie Bauer has evolved from a single store to an international company with catalogs, over 600 stores in the U.S., Canada, Japan, Germany and the U.K.. Visit the company's award winning, state-of-the-art online shopping site.

E-Merchandise - Started in 1994, this web site offers on the net a wide variety of quality movie and television merchandise. In February 1998, a new electronic storefront created to have the responsiveness and quality to meet customers' expectations. Offer you the largest possible selection of licensed entertainment merchandise for movies, TV shows, cartoons, japanimation, comic stips, and much more.

Fashion Mall - This web site offers fashion, apparel, footwear, beauty and related lifestyle products and accessories over the Internet. The Company combines an online shopping mall with fashion content to provide a centralized site for manufacturers, retailers, magazines and catalogs to advertise, display and sell their product lines.

First Registry - This web site offers the most convenient way to create a gift registry or a wish list on the web, it offers over 5 million products from all the leading brands. Its features include great gift ideas, gift circles for group gift exchanges, secret gifts, and a charity corner. Find perfect gifts for family and friends for any occasion.

Freeshop - This web site gives consumers access to over 1,000 free, trial and promotional offers through their website and e-mail newsletters. Consumers can discover, learn about, or try new products, choosing from a broad selection of free and trial offers organized according to interest categories. Unlike traditional direct marketing environments, FreeShop delivers the targeted customers marketers desire.

Gekko Gear - This web site offers a complete line of active outdoor apparel for online shopping. Specializing in polar fleece garments. Gekko Gear can make custom clothing for your business, club or sports team at wholesale prices.

Gift Certificates - This web site offers gift certificates from a large selection of the nation's finest merchants, you're always sure to find the widest selection of national and local stores, boutiques, restaurants, travel merchants, spas, and movie theaters.  Selection of artful packaging and custom gift cards make for a gracious presentation.

Go Shop - This web site brought together some of your favorite merchants from a variety of different areas - from apparel to electronics to computer hardware and more - to create a convenient, one-stop shopping site . It not only offers direct links to merchants, but give you a simple way to access the best specials on the web, and offer suggestions for products which are exceptionally good values.

Goto Shop - This web site introduces consumers and advertisers, it helps you find and compare products you want to buy.'s streamlined search method improves a consumer's ability to quickly and easily find relevant Web sites providing information, products and services.

iMall - This web site offers goods and services for sale from a variety of merchants. You can enjoy your shopping at classified shopping departments.

Intermall - This web site offers computers and software, books,
consumer electronics, educational and children's items, gifts, collectibles, travel, health and nutrition, and more.

Luxuryfinder -  This web site features a variety of luxury stores, service, information, and more. It offers the finest jewelry, accessories, pashminas, handbags, travel, leather goods, ties and more

Lycos Shop - This web site features compare products, product reviews, store reviews, and complete store list to make our shopping easier. Buyer can earn points while shopping, and redeem them for all kinds of free gifts.

Mall - This web site's innovative features include Bargain Shopping Sections, National Gift Registries, a Reward System for consumers, and dynamic Search functions. It offers consumers joys of shopping without the traditional shopping hassles. 

Mercata - Mercata, founded in September 1998, is a privately held company.  Mercata offers various products, which include appliances, baby products, electronics, gifts and gadgets, home and kitchen items, lawn and garden products, luggage, sporting goods, tools, and watches and jewelry. Mercata enables users to navigate easily and purchase from a wide selection of items and offers visitors helpful features such as search functions, buyer's guides, customer message boards, and the ability to browse and shop by consumer brands.  At Mercata, the more who want to buy, the lower the price they get. Buyers can receive a discount on goods and services based the quantity of purchase.

MoMA - This web site offers various products that include furniture, warehouse, kitchen, apparel.  Buyers can send e-mail cards via the net.

MSN eShop - Microsoft provides the merchants' links to you using its. new AutoMarkdown technology: Day by day, prices will slowly drop -- but if you wait too long to buy, items you want could sell out!

Netmarket - This web site offers all the essentials- great prices and special deals for members on a wide variety of merchandise, comparison tools, and effective cross-selling, within an effective and pleasant interface.

Outpost - This online superstore has unlimited, low-cost "shelf space," to offer a wide selection of hardware, software and accessory products, such as PC- and Mac-based desktops and laptops, personal digital assistants, printers, modems, memory and accessories, and software for both home and office use. Free overnight U.S. delivery!

PeopleWeb - This online store allow buyers to choose from various categories to get product recommendations and reviews straight from the experts. All the shopping guides are filled with the knowledge of product experts.

Pogostyx - This web site is a great place to shop online for high quality and brand names with excellent values. Buyers can get free shipping on most items. You always get the complete total price including shipping charges, if any. No membership or processing fees.

QVC - the world's preeminent electronic retailer, has recently been honored by the online community for continued commitment to customer service. In a survey of more than 100,000 Internet consumers that was released in June, 1999 ranked iQVC #1 in overall customer satisfaction.

RealMall - This web site has a lot of  information about malls in the US, including links to stores and restaurants. It provides solutions that help advertisers and publishers unleash the power of the Web for branding, selling products, and building relationships with customers.

Redcart -  This online store lets you shop at more than two dozen on-line retailers, put your purchases in one shopping cart.
The whole idea is to make it fast. A universal shopping cart allows consumers to shop multiple Web stores at once, then pay for all items in one transaction, entering credit card information only once.

Shop - This web site affiliates more than 60 famous web site like CDnow, OfficeMax, GreetingCards, HeadHunter, Net, Priceline, Dell, JCPenny, Drugstore, Bathwish, PetStores,, e-Toys to make your on line shopping more easier and enjoyable.

Shopnow -  This store helps customers and merchants safely and easily buy and sell merchandise online. It also has a searchable directory of online stores and products. Its marketplace consists of more than 3,000 affiliate sites and over 1,300 syndication sites. More than five million products and services offered by more than 45,000 merchants...

Shops -  This web site links thousands of unique merchants in one defined location. The Company provides a streamlined web site experience focused on fulfilling customer needs quickly and reliably. Strong customer service, security, and privacy give the consumer the trust they need to come back time and time again. 

ShopUniverse -  This web site uses the new preview all features to view all the products in one department at the same time, or the enhanced SEARCH facility if you know exactly what you want. Take a look at the extensive sale department to find details of huge reductions on last seasons prices, with up to 50% off ladies' wear, men's wear, children's wear, gifts, toys and much, much more.

USACM - this American Cyber Mall has a comprehensive directory, which organizes stores and businesses categorically making it easy to navigate.

Yahoo Shop - This giant online shop consists of thousands of stores with millions of products. All your credit card and shipping information will be stored in a single, secure place - and online shopping suddenly become easy ... and fast.

Web Warehouse - This online store provides links to quality consumer goods and services. Order products ranging from music CDs, apparel, flowers, books, travel, and more.

Wholesaler - This web site allows consumers to access to websites classfied like Apparel, Automotive, Beauty, Computer, Finance, Fitness/Health, Furnishings, Gifts, Industry, Music, Organizations, Real Estate, Travel...

World Shopping - This web site offers a selected collection of 200+ shopping sites from around the world. Malls, music, books, food, computers, children's products, arts & crafts and more!

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