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  • What Made Residential Mortgage Being In Trouble?

    "As the world’s leading provider of credit ratings, S&P has experienced a period of intense security since the credit bubble two years ago. While the vast of the 32 trillion dollars of securities that S&P performance as anticipated, the performance of our ratings in the area of residential mortgage-related securities was a major disappointment. This is something that we at S&P deeply regret." (Deven Sharma, President, The McGraw-Hill companies/S&P July 16, 2009)


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    Mortgage Calculator Based On Incomes

    Did You Know?
    1. The Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) was enacted by Congress in 1975 and was implemented by the Federal Reserve Board's Regulation C. On July 21, 2011, the rule-writing authority of Regulation C was transferred to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Using the loan data submitted by these financial institutions, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) creates aggregate tables for each metropolitan statistical area (MSA) or metropolitan division (MD) (where appropriate), and individual institution disclosure reports.
    2. 10 of the worlds most expensive homes:
    3. Warren Buffett, billionaire, still lives in a modest Omaha home, which costs $31,500 in 1958.
    4. Renters can pay $600,000 per month to stay in the $135m Beverly House, located three blocks from Sunset Boulevard during it was on the market, The home has become famous for its roles in films like "The Godfather" and "The Bodyguard".
    5. Burj Khalifa is so tall that you can watch two sunsets on the same day. It is a megatall skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and is the tallest structure (163 floors) in the world, standing at 829.8 meters.
    6. 20 of the coolest places to retire in the world:
    7. San Francisco, New York City, Jersey City, Washington, D.C., Boston, San Jose, Los Angeles, Seattle, Stamford (Connecticut), and Miami (Florida) are cities have the highest rents in the United States. In April 2016, people often pay from $1,750 to $3,590 to rent an one-bedroom apartment in:
    8. San Francisco is the second-densest city in the US, after New York City, with about 18,451 people per square mile packed into about 47 square miles. The median house price in San Francisco was six times higher than the median price of existing homes in the U.S. in 2015. Schoolteachers in San Francisco, for example, earn $65,240 a year on average; to live in an one-bedroom apartment in the city, they would have to spend 64% of their annual earnings on rent.
    9. 10 homes you can buy for $175,000 in America:
    10. New York requires property sellers to disclose if the property a client is inspecting is believed to be haunted by ghosts.
    11. 10 cities where a comfortable life is affordable in America:
    12. Chinese paint a fresh coat of bright red on their front doors annually before the New Year to attract good luck and fortune.
    13. In June 2015, Swire Properties has sold a 5,188 sq ft duplex apartment at the ultra-swanky Opus Hong Kong, a 12-storey super- deluxe property completed in 2012 in Mid-Levels, for $61 million (HK$497 million), setting a record as Asia's most expensive flat. That breaks the previous record for price paid for a $57 million (HK$433.8 million) flat (4,664 sq ft) on the 45th floor of a high-rise apartment building located at 39 Conduit Road in April 2015.
    14. In September 2014, the penthouse at the Knightsbridge located in London city, is renting for $99,000 (£60,000) a week for short-term rentals, which works out to close to $400,000 per month.
    15. London tops Hong Kong as priciest place to live, as of September 2014
    16. Dubbed “Antilla”, a massive 27-story home located in Mumbai, India is the most expensive home ever built, with a value of $1 billion. The 570 foot tall house features a 400,000 square feet of living space,  27 habitable floors (including six parking floors for capacity of up to 168 cars), 9 elevators, 50-seat home theater, a ballroom with ceiling crystal chandeliers, ice room infused with artificial snow flurries, dance studio, 3 floors of hanging gardens, a swimming pool, and 3 helipads with air traffic control facility.
    17. A triplex apartment/penthouse that spans three floors and 12,394 square feet, along with 1,257 feet of terrace with views of Central Park to the north, at 520 Park Avenue in New York city —which is under construction— will be listed for $130 million when it comes on the market in 2015; it is the New York City's most expensive listing. It will top a $118 million penthouse at the Ritz-Carlton in Battery Park City as well as the $110 million penthouse at the Woolworth Building downtown.
    18. The famed Waldorf Astoria hotel in, New York becomes most expensive hotel ever sold: $1.95 billion in October 2014.
    19. In October 2013 JPMorgan Chase (Fortune 500) has agreed to pay Fannie May and Freddie Mac, $4 billion to settle allegations that it misrepresented mortgage securities sold to the firms. Four other banks -- Barclays, UBS, Royal Bank of Scotland and Rabobank -- also reached settlements with the U.S. Justice Department and other regulators on the issue, paying over $3.6 billion in fines.
    20. The U.S. Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) sued 18 banks in 2011 for allegedly misrepresenting risky mortgage-backed securities, and has settled with four so far. UBS and JPMorgan Chase has already reached an $885 million and $4 billion settlement respectively with the FHFA, and Citigroup and General Electric also settled to pay undisclosed sums in fines.
    21. In May 2013, one in 885 homes in the U.S. had a foreclosure filing, according to RealtyTrac.
    22. As of May 2013, four U.S. states lead the nation in vacant foreclosures are Florida, Illinois, California and Ohio. Florida came first with 90,556, Illinois came in second with 31,668 empty distressed homes, followed by California with 28,821, and Ohio with 17,367 vacant properties.
    23. As of April 2013, there are over 133 million housing units in America, and 10.7 percent of them (about 14. 2 million) are vacant, according to the Census Bureau.
    24. In the last 3 months of 2012, Las Vegas, NV had 40,481 vacant single-family homes (or 8.4 percent of its 482,272 single-family homes), 16,542 empty condominiums (or 20.6 percent of total inventory), and 5,137 vacant townhouses (or 12.2 percent of total inventory), according to the UNLV report.
    25. A Mediterranean-style home sold in the U.S. costs an average of $1.32 million.
    26. There are trees that you should not plant in your garden:
    27. Good tips for finding, financing and fixing beat-up foreclosures:
      • Look beyond just listed properties.
      • Get a rehab loan.
      • Delegate your fix-up work to professionals.
      • Shop around for the best prices for supplies and tools.
      • When rehabbing, painting is important.
      • Landscaping the front of your property.
      • Continue your education in real estate.
    28. A restaurant chain based in Taiwan uses modern toilets as seats, patrons sit on toilets, sip soup from sinks, and wipe their mouths with toilet paper.
    29. Poisonous plants planted in gardens can kill you.
    30. Birds were thought to symbolize imminent death for the home's occupants; if a bird flies into a home, death may be soon to follow.
    31. In Scotland, homeowners paint their front door red when they pay off their mortgage.
    32. A number of companies, including Long Fence and Home, Gorell Enterprises, Winchester Industries, Serious Energy, and THV Holdings, which sell replacement windows and asserted that their windows could help consumers substantially cut energy bills, agreed to stop making “exaggerated and unsupported” claims about their products’ energy efficiency as part of a settlement announced by the Federal Trade Commission. These companies must substantiate energy-efficiency or cost-saving claims with reliable scientific data or risk heavy civil penalties.
    33. The White House, which was first built in 1792 and completely rebuilt in 1817, has six floors - two basements, two public floors, and two floors for the First Family. It has 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms, 412 doors, 147 windows, 28 fireplaces, 8staircases, and 3 elevators. It also has a tennis court, a jogging track, a swimming pool, a movie theater, a billiard room, and a bowling lane.
    34. Trees can shade the house from the sun in summer, and allow the sun to penetrate during winter. Few trees planted around the house can save up to $250 per year in energy costs.
    35. Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth; it can grow up to as fast as 100 cm (39 in) in a day
    36. Rafflesia Arnoldii is the world's largest flower measured up to 3 feet across and weighs close to 15 pounds. It is an endemic plant that occurs only in the rainforest of Bengkulu, Sumatra Island, Indonesia, and Malaysia.. Though beautiful to behold, the bloom has a strong odor of decaying flesh.
    37. Scarlet pimpernel flowers, which are open only when the sun shines, can forecast the weather. If the flower is closed up, rain is coming and if it is opened up, the day will be sunny.
    38. According to the research firm Zillow, American homes were lost more than $1.7 trillion in value in 2010. Homeowners have been stripped of $9 trillion in equity since the market peaked in June 2006.
    39. In August 2010 a penthouse in London's One Hyde Park was sold for $227 million in the United Kingdom; in September 2010, an unknown buyer paid $331million for a huge penthouse overlooking Monte Carlo's marina.
    40. In New York city, a condominium was sold in a foreclosure auction for $33.2 million (5,500-square-foot apartment with 20-foot ceilings and views of Central Park), the highest price ($6,000 a square foot) paid for a Manhattan apartment in 2010.
    41. Tiger Woods' Jupiter Island (Florida) house, for which Woods, in late 2010, took out a $50 million-plus mortgage, is one of the more expensive homes on the barrier island.
    42. The world's tallest building is Burj Khalifa, which is 828m (2,716ft) high. Clad in 28,000 glass panels, the tower, which is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has 160 floors and more than 500,000 sq m of space for offices and flats. The building has 1,044 luxury apartments, 49 floors of offices and a 160-room Armani-branded hotel. Around 12,000 people are expected to live and work in the tower.
    43. In Hong Kong, a $56.5 million dollars apartment (or $439 million Hong Kong dollars) was sold to a Chinese businessman from China.
    44. Office rents in Central district, Hong Kong ($11.31/sf), are among the highest in the world, comparable only with those in Tokyo ($9.80/sf), and well ahead of even London and New York.
    45. 07620, the zip code for Alpine, NJ, is the most expensive place to live in the US; however, it gets really weird, the median household income in that area is only $128,287
    46. In the U.S. every three months, 250,000 new families enter into foreclosure
    47. 43% of American households spend more than they earn each year
    48. 52% of employees live paycheck to paycheck (fdic.gov statistics)
    49. Children of homeowners are likely to perform higher on education
    50. 2006 is the year of home prices peak
    51. From 2007 to 2008 U.S. foreclosures nationwide increased 81.2%
    52. California had the highest number of home in foreclosure in 2008: 523,624
    53. Stockton, CA is the city that had the highest foreclosure rate in 2008: 9.5%
    54. Los Angles, CA had the biggest price decline: 35.6%
    55. The total number of home in foreclosure in 2008 is 2,330,483
    56. Atlanta, GA has the lowest price-to-income ratio (most affordable): 3.8
    57. Honolulu, HI, has the highest price-to-income ratio (least affordable): 10.8
    58. Boston, MA had the smallest decline in home prices in 2008: 5.6%

    Garden Advice & Tips (Video)
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    2. Top 10 Lawn and Garden Projects for Spring.
    3. Top 10 Gardening Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them).
    4. 10 Easy Tips for Growing Roses.
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    7. How to Graft Roses.
    8. How To Root a Rose Bush Cutting.
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    73. Building A Traditional Picket Fence.
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    Home - News & Tips
    1. First Home Buyer Guide (24 Simple Steps).
    2. Home Renovation Ideas & Mistakes to Avoid.
    3. Home Remodeling & Renovation Ideas.
    4. Remodeling Tips, Ideas and Projects.
    5. U.S. Zip Code Resources.
    6. Cost of Living Ranking in North America (USA and Canada).
    7. World's Most Expensive Cities in 2019 to Live In.
    8. Most Expensive Cities in America.
    9. Most Expensive U.S. Cities to Live In.
    10. What it Actually Costs to Live in America’s Most Expensive Cities.
    11. How To Winterize A House: 250+ Practical Tips and Videos.
    12. Clean House Clean Mind – The Mind Boosting Benefits of an Organized Home.
    13. Real Estate News and Advice.
    14. How to Pressure Wash Your House
    15. An Understanding About Termites
    16. Aggressive Termites Invading Houston Area, Establishing New Colonies in South
    17. Terminix Fined $9.2 Million for Use of Pesticide that Poisoned Family
    18. Flying Ants vs. Termites
    19. Difference Between Flying Ants and Termites
    20. Termites vs Ants - How to Tell the Difference Between Ants & Termites
    21. Tips on How to Control Flying Ants
    22. Why Do Some Ants Have Wings
    23. What To Do About Flying Ants in Your Home
    24. How To Get Rid of Winged Moisture Ants! (video)
    25. Are Ants With Wings Dangerous:
    26. Huge Butterfly Swarm Detected by Weather Radar in Colorado
    27. Insurance Doesn't Always Cover What You Think It Will
    28. New Houses Sold by Sales Price in the United States
    29. United States Existing Home Sales: 1968-2018
    30. Existing Home Median Sales Price in the U.S.
    31. United States Home Prices & Values.
    32. U.S. Home Prices - Average Listing Price and Median Sales Price.
    33. Pricey U.S. Home Sales Soar as Buyers Ignore New Tax Code
    34. What to Know If You Are Facing Foreclosure After a Natural Disaster
    35. How to Choose and Manage a Mortgage
    36. Home Improvement Loans
    37. Mortgage Moves: How Many Loan Offers Will You Get?
    38. Mortgage Moves: What Kind of Mortgage Will You Get?
    39. Cities With the Highest Rates of Denied Mortgage Applications
    40. We Buy Houses Scams. How To Guide On Avoiding Them.
    41. Buying a Home? Watch Out for Mortgage Closing Scams.
    42. Owning A Home: The homebuyer’s Trusted Resource.
    43. eClosing and Buying a Home: Technology’s Role in Closing on a Mortgage.
    44. Making the Decision to Rent or Buy
    45. How To Deal With “Bad Credit” or No Credit When You Want To Buy a Home
    46. Making the Move to Homeownership on Your Own or With Someone Else
    47. How To Decide How Much to Spend on Your Down Payment
    48. Your Mortgage Calculator May Be Setting You Up for a Surprise
    49. Buying a Home? The First Step Is To Check Your Credit
    50. Is 2017 the Year You Buy a Home?
    51. eClosing and Buying a Home: Technology’s Role in Closing on a Mortgage
    52. CFPB Issues Interim Final Rule To Help Mortgage Servicers Communicate With Certain Borrowers At Risk Of Foreclosure
    53. CFPB Amends Rules to Provide Flexibility and Clarity to Certain Mortgage Lenders in Collecting Information
    54. Leveraging Technology to Empower Mortgage Consumers at Closing
    55. Technical Reports: National Survey of Mortgage Originations and National Mortgage Database
    56. World's Most Expensive Cities
    57. Vancouver's Housing Market Third Most Expensive in the World
    58. Most Expensive City in the World for 2017: Hong Kong
    59. Hong Kong's Housing Market Has Become "A Sea Of Madness..."
    60. Hong Kong's Housing Prices Are Still out of Control
    61. House Prices in Hong Kong
    62. Here's Why Hong Kong Housing Is So Expensive
    63. Sydney Has the Second Most Unaffordable Housing in the World
    64. Quick Tips for Home Organization
    65. Homeowner Maintenance Tips
    66. How to Buy a Home
    67. 3 Tools to Help Your Homebuying Process.
    68. 4 Most Expensive Homes in America.
    69. 4 Great Places to Retire Where It’s Easy to Fit In: Ireland, New Zealand, Malta, and Belize.
    70. 4 Keys to Buying a Vacation Home.
    71. 4 Signs a Property Is Worth Buying and Renting Out.
    72. 4 Homes of the 2016 Presidential Candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
    73. 5 Reasons to Check Out Owning a Home Tools
    74. 5 Most Expensive Cities in the World
    75. 5 Easy Ways to Brighten Up a Dark Apartment.
    76. 5 “Starchitects” in Manhattan.
    77. 5 Least Expensive States for Closing Costs.
    78. 5 Top Retirement Havens with the Lowest Cost of Living
      • Nicaragua: Save on Property Costs
      • Vietnam: Budget $1,000 a Month for a Couple
      • Ecuador: A Comfortable Lifestyle at a Low Cost
      • Thailand: Draws Expats for its Affordable Living
      • Belize: Most Affordable Towns
    79. 6 Home Loan Problems.
    80. 6 Economists Forecast the 2016 Housing Market.
    81. 6 Tips - How Landscaping Increases Home Value
    82. 7 Things That Could Offend Homebuyers.
    83. 7 Things First-Time Buyers Need to Know.
    84. 7 Factors that Determine Your Mortgage Interest Rate.
    85. 7 Things Your Real Estate Agent Wants You To Know (But Will Never Tell You).
    86. 7 Best Places to Retire Around the World
    87. 7 Ways To Get Rid Of Bad Odors In Your Home.
    88. 8 New-Home Trends.
    89. 8 Least Expensive States to Live in the U.S.
    90. 8 Things That Moving Companies Won’t Tell You.
    91. 8 Ways to Refresh a Room Instantly.
    92. 8 Expert Secrets For Bringing Out The Best In Your Home
    93. 9 Things That Will Trash Your Home's Value.
    94. 10 Home Improvement Tips Every Homeowner Should Know
    95. 10 Tips to Renovate your House Beautifully yet Economically.
    96. 10 Most Expensive Cities in America.
    97. 10 States with the Highest Home Foreclosure Rates
    98. 10 Must-Haves for Building a Home.
    99. 10 of the World's Most Insanely Luxurious Houses.
    100. 10 Things to Know When Buying a Home.
    101. 10 Great Cities in the World.
    102. 10 Upgrades Under $1,000 That Increase Home Values.
    103. 10 Best Big Cities in the US to Buy a Home Instead of Rent.
    104. 10 Real Estate Scams That You Need To Avoid Today.
    105. 10 Most Expensive Cities to Buy Property in the World
    106. 10 Most Expensive Housing Markets
    107. 10 Home Improvement Tips Every Homeowner Should Know
    108. 10 Home Remodeling Don'ts
    109. 10 DIY Safety Tips
    110. 10 Quick Home Maintenance Tips
    111. 10 Spring Home Improvement Tips
    112. 10 Home Maintenance Tips for Spring
    113. 10 Handyman Projects List
    114. 10 Common Mortgage Scams To Avoid.
    115. 10 Best-Kept Secrets for Selling Your Home
    116. 10 Home Improvements That Pay You Back.
    117. 10 Most Expensive Cities to Live in Around the World (2017)
    118. 10 Cheapest U.S. Cities to Live In.
    119. 10 Cities with the Highest Rent Spikes (2012).
    120. 10 Things to Consider Before Making an Offer on a Home.
    121. 10 Mortgage Mistakes You Can’t Afford.
    122. 12 Tips to Buy and Sell Real Estate.
    123. 12 Things You Should Never, Ever Flush Down Your Toilet.
    124. 12 Questions You’ll Wish You Asked Before You Moved In.
    125. 13 Simple DIY Home Maintenance Tips & Ideas
    126. 14 Shocking Discoveries Plumbers Have Found in Pipes.
    127. 15-Year or 30-Year Mortgage.
    128. 15 Home Maintenance Tips
    129. 15 Tips for a Successful Remodeling Project
    130. 17 Smarter Renovation and Home Improvement Tips
    131. 20 Hottest U.S. Real Estate Markets in February 2016.
    132. 20 Tips for Home Safety
    133. 20 Tips for Planning a Successful House Remodel.
    134. 20 Most Expensive U.S. Cities to Live In.
    135. 21 Ways to Save on Your Remodel.
    136. 21 Staging Tips for Selling Your Home Fast.
    137. 21 Best Places to Retire Overseas in 2015 (Based on beautiful weather and  affordable, and quality healthcare with low monthly cost of living.
    138. 25 of the Biggest Design Mistakes New Homeowners Make
    139. 25-Must See Buildings in New York
    140. 26 World’s Most Expensive Houses And Their Owners.
    141. 30 Tips for Increasing Your Home's Value
    142. 40 Modern Entrances Designed to Impress!
    143. Top 40 Luxury Celebrity Homes.
    144. 43 Questions to Ask Before Picking a New Town.
    145. 50 Worst US Cities To Reside In (2018)
    146. 50 Modern House Designs Ever Built!
    147. 50 Worst US Cities To Live In (2017)
    148. 50 Upgrades Your Home Deserves in 2018
    149. 75 Small Upgrades You Should Spoil Your Home
    150. 120 Easy and Affordable DIY Home Improvement Ideas to Instantly Add Value to Your Home
    151. Top Countries in the World for Retiree Benefits: Panama, Ecuador, Belize, and France.
    152. Essential Home-Selling Tips
    153. Home Selling Tips Archives
    154. Tips for Selling Your Home
    155. How To Sell Your House Fast
    156. Tips to Avoid Frauds and Scams When Buying or Foreclosing on a Home:
    157. We Buy Houses Scams and How to Avoid Them
    158. How to Avoid “We Buy Houses” Scams
    159. Are these "Avoid Foreclosure" or "We Buy Homes For Cash" Signs Legitimate, or Are They Scams?
    160. Real Estate Fraud 101: Would You Know It if You Saw It?
    161. How to Spot a “Buy My House” Scam
    162. Living with History: 200-Year-Old Houses for Sale
    163. Guide to Buying a Home: Young Families
    164. First-Time Home Buyers Guide: Buying with Student Loans and Debt
    165. First-Time Home Buyer’s Guide: Making a Down Payment
    166. Scams Push Foreclosure Fraud to Limit, Taking Victims' Homes.
    167. The Rise of Mortgage Fraud: How to Spot Common Schemes.
    168. Mortgage Fraud: Understanding And Avoiding It.
    169. What are Mortgage Fraud and Mortgage Scams?
    170. Mortgage Refinancing Scams
    171. Reverse Mortgage Scams & Rip Offs - What to Avoid.
    172. Reverse Mortgage Fraud Lawyers: Scams, Charges, Defense.
    173. Foreclosure Scams: Beware the Kindness of Strangers.
    174. Loan Modification Scam Pushing Working Parents Toward Bankruptcy.
    175. Avoiding Foreclosure Scams.
    176. Mortgage and Foreclosure Scams | Washington State.
    177. Foreclosure Scams and Mortgage Fraud.
    178. Scam Tag: Mortgages | Consumer Information.
    179. Extension Spring Pulley Replacement
    180. How to Build a Work Bench
    181. How to Drill a Pilot Hole
    182. How to Use a Router
    183. How to Use Pocket Hole Joinery
    184. Power Tools Buying Guides
    185. Power Drill Buying Guide
    186. Nail Gun Buying Guide
    187. Table Saw Buying Guide
    188. Compound Miter Saw Buying Guide
    189. Hammer Buying Guide
    190. Hand Saw Buying Guide
    191. Level Buying Guide
    192. Wrench Buying Guide
    193. How to Build a Deck
    194. How to Finally Build That Backyard Fire Pit.
    195. How to Repair a Torn Window Screen.
    196. Chinese Build Skyscraper in just 15 Days
    197. Real Sim City Comes to Life in the Desert
    198. Inside LA's $29 Million Bachelor Pad .
    199. 2016 California Economic and Market Forecast.
    200. Was My Home a Good Investment?.
    201. New Foreclosure Scam Could Cost You Your Home.
    202. SAOTA - Architecture and Homes Inspirations
    203. Modern Apartment Design: Green Walls by SVOYA
    204. Beautiful Houses: Nettleton 198.
    205. Impressive Ultra Modern House in Athens.
    206. Amazing House with 270° views of the Atlantic Ocean.
    207. Modern Villa On Sunset Strip With Stunning Views.
    208. Amazing Houses: Living Modern With Style.
    209. 56 Leonard Street – Unique Design Defining New York Skyline.
    210. Creative Home – Stunning Modern 55 Blair Road House.
    211. 432 Park Avenue Skyscraper – Thinnest, Tallest and Fanciest!.
    212. Luxury Dream Home in Mediterranean Paradise.
    213. Most Beautiful Houses in the World.
    214. Real Estate Galleries.
    215. America's Most Expensive Homes for Sale.
    216. Mortgage Rates Sideways Despite Market Weakness.
    217. Biggest Bounce of Year for Mortgage Rates.
    218. Inside Sarah Palin's $2.5 Million Arizona Home
    219. The Health of the Housing Market in 25 Big U.S. Cities.
    220. How to Choose Your Best Place to Retire.
    221. Controlling Your Cost of Living Abroad.
    222. The Best Places to Retire Abroad in 2015.
    223. America’s Most Expensive New Homes on the Market in 2015 (So Far)
    224. 2015’s Best & Worst Cities for Families.
    225. 2015’s Safest States to Live In.
    226. 2015’s Best & Worst Cities for Recreation.
    227. The World’s Best Places to Retire in 2015.
    228. How to Solve the Housing Problem in Hong Kong
    229. Hong Kong's Housing Shame
    230. Living at Density: Voices of Hong Kong Residents
    231. Hong Kong Ranks World's No 1 for 'Most Unaffordable' Housing
    232. How Much Do You Pay for Rent?
    233. These U.S. Cities Have the Most Roach, Rat, and Mouse-Infested Real Estate.
    234. 2015's Best and Worst Cities for First-Time Home Buyers.
    235. 2014: America's Most Expensive Cities (Based on yearly average household income):
    236. 2014: America's Most Poorest Cities (based on yearly average household income):
    237. 2014: World's Most Expensive Cities:
    238. 2014’s Most & Least Recession-Recovered Cities.
    239. The Most Expensive House in America (2014).
    240. 2014's Best and Worst Places to Retire.
    241. The Most Amazing Castles in the UK.
    242. Photo Gallery: Best Skylines
    243. Earth, Wind and Fire.
    244. Why Hong Kong May Face More Property Cooling Measures
    245. Rent Too High? Move to Singapore
    246. What Are the Most Expensive Cities to Live In?
    247. Best Places to Live in America.
    248. America's Most Overpriced Cities.
    249. Things to Consider Before Purchasing Rural Property.
    250. The Largest Houses in the United States.
    251. Amazing Photos of Mike Tyson’s Abandoned Party Mansion.
    252. Amazing Homes.
    253. Ask the HOA Expert: Those Who Refuse To Pay Fees.
    254. What You Get for... $1,500,000.
    255. Characteristics of Homes Started in 2012: Size Increase Continues.
    256. Inside a Secret $150 Million Mega-mansion.
    257. Inside the 'Versailles' Mansion.
    258. The Biggest Home in the Richest Town in America.
    259. $170 Million Fairfield is USA’s Largest Residential Compound.
    260. New Homes Smaller, Cheaper, Flexible.
    261. Should You Choose a New Home Over a Resale Home?.
    262. Real Estate Appraisal Facts.
    263. Inside Malibu's Famous $75 Million Mansion.
    264. What You Can Buy — New — for $250,000.
    265. Get Out of the Way (and 6 Other Things Your Movers Wish You Knew).
    266. Which of These 7 Packing Mistakes Are You Making?.
    267. The Surprising Things Your Movers Won’t Move.
    268. Why Rentals Dominate the Housing Market.
    269. With Housing Recovery, Mortgage-Market Jobs Dip.
    270. Mortgage Tips for Homebuyers.
    271. Differences Between a Home Equity Line and a Second Mortgage.
    272. New York, Texas Have Highest Closing Costs.
    273. When You Owe More on Your Home than It's Worth.
    274. Closing Costs by State.
    275. World’s Most Luxurious Celebrity Homes.
    276. Homes of the World's Most Powerful Celebrities.
    277. Celebrity Homes: An Inside Look.
    278. The Most Expensive Billionaire Homes in the World.
    279. Condos Beat Town Houses and Vice Versa.
    280. Condos: What You Should Know When Buying.
    281. U.S. Government Files Lawsuits Against 17 Banks Related to Mortgage:
    282. How To Play the 2013 Housing Market.
    283. Tips on Preparing Your House For Houseguests.
    284. Top Mortgage Lenders - Banks Around the World.
    285. Mortgage Daily Q3 2016 Biggest Lender Ranking.
    286. The Largest Mortgage Lenders in the United States:
    287. How Large Is the Mortgage Servicing Portfolio of the Largest.
    288. Compare the Best Mortgage Companies
    289. Banks Are No longer America's Biggest Mortgage Lenders
    290. What Will Make My Homeowner's Insurance Higher?
    291. CalPERS Sued Credit-Rating Firms over $1 Billion in Investment.
    292. FTC, 23 States Act to Stop Sham Loan Consultants. 
    293. New York City Manhattan Apartment Prices Slide 42%,
    294. Shovel-Ready Project: A White House Garden
    295. America's Most Expensive House Goes on Market at $150 million...
    296. The Most Expensive Home in the U.S.
    297. Most Expensive ZIP Codes.
    298. The Most Expensive Houses in the World.
    299. World's Most Expensive Homes (Forbes.com)
    300. World Cost of Living Survey Rankings Cities.
    301. Most Expensive Homes in the U.S.
    302. World's Best Cities 2012.
    303. Could You Walk Away from Your Mortgage?.
    304. Richest Man In India Builds $1 Billion House.
    305. Maintaining and Remodeling Your Home.
    306. Understanding Your Mortgage Rate.
    307. Getting Real Estate Information About Your Home and Neighbor's.
    308. Michael Jackson Fails to Pay Mortgage for Los Angeles Home.
    309. Getting Proactive when Foreclosure Looms.
    310. Do You Sign Enough Documents When Close on a Mortgage?
    311. As the Sub-prime Turns.
    312. Mortgage Defaults Hit Record.
    313. Best Places to Live in the U.S. in 2011 and more...
    314. U.S. Best Housing Market Forecasts in 2011.
    315. Adjustable Mortgage Rates Drive Some to Bankruptcy.
    316. Learn the Language of Mortgage.
    317. Foreclosure Reality Hits Home.
    318. Hong Kong Flat Sets New Record Price.
    319. Hong Kong's Poorest Living in 'Coffin Homes'.
    320. Living in a Cage in Hong Kong. Photos
    321. Clean House for Spring.
    322. Holiday Decor and Entertaining Tips.
    323. The Most Sunny, Low-cost Living, Laidback Destination Overseas with an Excellent and Affordable Healthcare: Malaysia, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Thailand, and Panama.
    324. Learn from Mistakes Before Getting into Garden!
    325. Trump World Tower Apartments Sold - Combine and Conquer
    326. Most Expensive Cities in 2008.
    327. Title Insurance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
    328. Homeowner's Insurance (HO-3 Policy).
    329. Things Home Insurance Won't Cover.
    330. Who Is Covered under Your Homeowners Policy?.
    331. Insurance Implications of Home-Sharing: Regulator Insights and Consumer Awareness
    332. Latest Mortgage Rates.
    333. Home Prices - Local Forecast Calculator.
    334. Cost Living Calculator.
    335. Mortgage Payment Calculator.

    Home Sales Statistics

    Celebrity Real Estate in Photos: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7
    Building Architectures
    Beautiful Buildings - Famous Architects - Architects
    Famous Buildings - World's Tallest Buildings

    World's Tallest Buildings
    Rank BuildingCity CountryHeight (m) Height (ft)Floors Built
    1 Burj Khalifa Dubai   UAE 828 m 2,717 ft 163 2010
    2 Shanghai Tower Shanghai   China 632 m 2,073 ft 121 2014
    3 Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel Mecca   Saudi Arabia 601 m 1,971 ft 120 2012
    4 One World Trade Center New York City   USA 541.3 m1,776 ft 104 2013
    5 Taipei 101 Taipei   Taiwan 509 m 1,670 ft 101 2004
    6 Shanghai World Financial Center Shanghai   China 492 m 1,614 ft 101 2008
    7 International Commerce Centre Hong Kong, China   China 484 m 1,588 ft 118 2010
    8 Petronas Tower 1 Kuala Lumpur   Malaysia 452 m 1,483 ft 88 1998
    8 Petronas Tower 2 Kuala Lumpur   Malaysia 452 m 1,483 ft 88 1998
    10 Zifeng Tower Nanjing   China 450 m 1,476 ft 89 2010
    11 Willis Tower (Formerly Sears Tower) Chicago   USA 442 m  1,450 ft  108 1973
    12 Kingkey 100 Shenzhen   China 442 m 1,449 ft 100 2011
    13 Guangzhou International Finance Center Guangzhou   China 440 m 1,440 ft 103 2010
    14 Milad Tower Tehran   IRI 435 m 1,427 ft 12 2010
    15 Dream Dubai Marina Dubai   UAE 432 m 1,417 ft 101 2014
    16 Trump International Hotel and Tower Chicago   USA 423 m 1,389 ft 98 2009
    17 Jin Mao Tower Shanghai   China 421 m 1,380 ft 88 1999
    18 Princess Tower Dubai   UAE 414 m 1,358 ft 101 2012
    19 Al Hamra Firdous Tower Kuwait City   Kuwait 413 m 1,354 ft 77 2011
    20 2 International Finance Centre Hong Kong, China   China 412 m 1,352 ft 88 2003
    21 23 Marina Dubai   UAE 395 m 1,296 ft 89 2012
    22 CITIC Plaza Guangzhou   China 391 m 1,283 ft 80 1997
    23 Shun Hing Square Shenzhen   China 384 m 1,260 ft 69 1996
    24 Central Market Project Abu Dhabi   UAE 381 m 1,251 ft 88 2012
    25 Empire State Building New York City   USA 381 m 1,250 ft 102 1931

    House Architectures

    10 Europe's Most Bizarre Buildings

    1. Atomium, Brussels
    2. The Banknote Building, Lithuania
    3. Casa Mila: Provença, Barcelona
    4. Castel Meur, France
    5. Dali Theatre-Museum, Spain
    1. Nationale-Nederlanden Building, Prague
    2. Futuroscope, France
    3. Guggenheim Bilbao, Spain
    4. Krzywy Domek, Poland
    5. Kunsthaus Graz Museum, Austria

    Home Styles, Safe & Gardens

    Tallest Buildings and Structures in the World - The Burj Dubai, which was built in 2009, is taller than any building in the world, following by the CN Tower in Toronto, which held the record since 1976, Taipei 101 (Taipei, Taiwan), and Petronas Tower 1 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), and more.

    Zillow - This "All About Home Information" site provides information on real estate from homes for sale, comparable homes, and historical sales to home valuation tools and more. It helps consumers by giving them access to the same kinds of information and tools agents use.

    HomeArea - This "All About Local Housing, Employment, and Demographic Information" site offers detailed population migrations, urban nation, state and city rankings, restaurants, housing market monitor, real estate podcasts, census geography finder, government housing help, understand local housing markets, gain insight into employment, explore education levels, find the right climate, and live near people in the same stage of life.

    Asian Historical Architecture - The site displays Asian architecture through images and descriptive text. Numerous images are provided to give a comprehensive understanding of the house design and layout. The site does not display modern buildings unless they are exceptionally well-known (e.g., the Bank of China in Hong Kong).

    Growing Lifestyle - This premiere site hosts articles related to home improvement, gardening, pests and pets. It is for people interested in decorating home, and gardening inspiration into action. The site is focused on landscaping, renovation, woodwork, weeds, birds, cats, dogs, fish, horses and rabbits.

    Better Homes and Gardens - The site is the premiere home & family site on the Web. It is for people interested in turning home, cooking, and gardening inspiration into action. The site is focused on decorating, crafts, entertaining, cooking and gardening. It also has extensive information for women and families.

    Martha Stewart - Rge site leverages the well-known "Martha Stewart" brand name, and provides consumers with the "how-to" ideas, products and other resources covering Home, Cooking and Entertaining, Gardening, Crafts, Holiday, Keeping, Weddings, and Baby and Kids.

    Safe Cities Index 2015 - The Safe Cities Index 2015 is an Economist Intelligence Unit report, sponsored by NEC. The report is based on an index composed of more than 40 quantitative and qualitative indicators. These indicators are split across four thematic categories: digital security; health security; infrastructure safety; and personal safety.

    Most Beautiful Gardens

    Household Database
    Source: National Library of Medicine

    Home Maintenance Tips
    1. 2018 Remodeling Impact Report: Outdoor Features.
    2. Standard Estimated Life Expectancy of Appliances, Products, Materials, Systems and Components for Homes.
    3. General Home Repairs:
    4. Specific Home Repairs:
    5. Monthly Maintenance Home Tasks:
    6. Must-Do-Maintenance:
      • Test your garage door opener monthly,
      • Vacuum the clothes dryer's exhaust duct annually,
      • Replace furnace filters quarterly, Test all GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets monthly,
      • Clean leaves and debris from the condenser of a central air conditioner seasonally,
      • Vacuum the refrigerator coils underneath the appliance annually,
      • Inspect and clean fireplace chimney annually,
      • Inspect window and door caulking annually,
      • and
      • Replace the batteries in smoke detectors yearly.
    7. Do-It-Yourself: Home Maintenance Tips & Ideas: Toilets, Faucets, Washing Machine & Dryer, Water Heater, Plumbing, Air Conditioning, Humidifiers, Air Filters, Paint, Refrigerators, Windows, Gutters, and Roof.
    8. Maintenance Tips for a Brick Home.
    9. How to Organize Your Garage.
    10. To-Do List: Organizing the Garage.
    11. How to Organize a Garage in 5 Steps.
    12. Tips for Designing a New Garage.
    13. Tips, Tricks, & Ideas for Organizing Your Garage.
    14. Brilliant Garage Organization Tips, Ideas and DIY Projects.
    15. Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Garage.
    16. Best Garage Makeover Tips Images.
    17. Modern Basement Ideas.
    18. Basement Finishing Tips.
    19. Finishing a Basement
    20. Tips for Turning a Basement into a Living Space.
    21. Best Basement Ideas Images in 2019.
    22. Winter Home Maintenance:
    23. Summer, Fall and Spring Home Maintenance:
    24. Heating and Cooling System Maintenance
    25. Controlling Termites
    26. Condensation:
      • Sometimes your home gets water droplets; however, it's not because of a leak from a water pipe but from a result of warm air against cold surface (steel). Warm air rises and cold chill air sinks, they meet on the plaster/metal board boundary situated at a cold high spot in your home and water particles form as the mixing air condensates on the cold plaster/metal boards, thus water droplets were forming. Warm air against cold surface (steel) equals condensation.
      • Solutions to the Case of the Sweating Duct: The primary ways to stop ducts from sweating is to raise the surface temperature of the ducts or to lower the dew point of the air surrounding the duct by some form of dehumidification. Homes with low thermostat settings are more prone to having ducts sweat.
    27. Home and Health:
    28. Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings:
    29. Emergencies:
    30. Security:
    31. Chamberlain Garage Door Openers Tips.
    32. How to Program a Garage Door Remote & Change Battery LiftMaster Chamberlain. (video)
    33. How to Program a Garage Door Opener Keypad LiftMaster Chamberlain. (video)
    34. How to Program Chamberlain Keyless Entry. (video)
    35. Home Plumbing Repair and Water:
    36. Landscaping:
    37. Landscaping Designs & Tips.
    38. Oil Tank Removal vs. Oil Tank Abandonment.
    39. How to Abandon an Underground Tank.
    40. Oil Tank Abandonment.
    41. Residential Heating Oil Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
    42. Garden Furniture.
    43. Pool Safety and Maintenance Guide.
    44. Renovation Fact Sheets.
    45. Home Improvement Resource Guide.
    46. Home Improvement Fanatics.
    47. The Top 10 Home Improvement Mistakes Made by DIYers.
    48. Home Maintenance.
    49. Handy Home Maintenance Checklist.
    50. Home Maintenance Checklist.
    51. Checklist for a Trouble-Free Home.
    52. Routine Home Maintenance.
    53. Home Maintenance and Repair.
    54. Home Maintenance For Dummies Cheat Sheet.
    55. Keep Your House in Tip-Top Shape: An Incredibly Handy Home Maintenance Checklist.
    56. 4 Reasons Homeowners Choose Tile Roofs.
    57. Roofing: A Guide to the Options.
    58. 41 Home Maintenance Tips.

    Real Estate

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