Movies & Music Stores

AMG - All Music The site was created in 1995 as a place for music fans to indulge their passion. It lists a new release, explores the world of music, and provides the most comprehensive music reference source.

Arista The site provides all types of music, movies in video, including reviews and discussion on the most releases.

Big Star offers approximately 34,000 films entertainment products, in all popular formats such as videocassettes, digital video discs (DVDs), and laserdiscs. 

Camelot Music offers a wide selection of entertainment products, including compact discs, prerecorded audio and videocassettes, DVD and related accessories. Comelot Music is one of the largest specialty music and video retailers in the United States.

CDMusic is a portal to the world of music. Visitors to the site can  enjoy shopping for the classics of yesterday, the hits of today, and the musical stars of tomorrow. Company plans to offer CD Music from  independent artists.

CDNow, at this site, visitor can access to over 500,000 music-related products and 650,000 sound samples, as well as daily news, features, guides to music genres, and exclusive interviews and reviews. CDNow was the first site to offer music downloads and custom CDs.

Columbia House A well-known music and movies department stores in the US. Its website provides the best deals in music and movies in CD and DVD.

DVD features reviews, interviews, and daily news on DVD and digital entertainment.

Express is an online entertainment destination bringing together commerce (including DVD movies, video games and entertainment products), a fully integrated community and diversified unique content. 

Gallery of Celebrities This site provides comprehensive information about movie actors and actressses.

Gohastings offers music, video games, and books best sellers in everyday discount price.

Half is an innovative marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of  books, music, movies, and games to turn into cash, or one can buy books, music, movies, and games for at least half-off their list price. 

Hollywood provides over 1 million pages of movie-related content, including entertainment news and information, movie showtimes listings for 33,000 theaters across the United States, multimedia coverage of awards shows and festivals, movie reviews, audio clips, movie soundtracks. 

The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) is the online largest site providing comprehensive information about movies, including now playing, TV news, old movies, DVD/Video, US Movie showtimes and others.

Movie Eye - Created in 1996, Movie Eye brings access to interested people, a platform to voice their opinions and questions, as well as gain current and historical information about their favorite films and actors. The site provides a wide variety of movie posters as well as a celebrity address database of over 52,740 addresses & mail results.

Musicarts is America's largest school band & orchestra dealer. The company is full-line music retailer specializing in band and orchestra instrument sales and rentals, guitars, keyboards, sheet music and books, musical accessories, repairs and private music lessons. 

Music provides the most comprehensive array of genres, interactive services, and music related information. Visitors to the site can shop online, create custom CDs, download and sample new music, get information on concert tours, read the latest music news, chat, and bid on music memorabilia. 

MTV The site focuses on music fans in their teens and twenties. It features deep, original content including music premieres and exclusives. is consistently ranked the No. 1 music content site in the teen demographic, according to Media Metrix.

Real is a pioneer and recognized leader in media delivery on the Internet. The company develops and markets software products and services designed to enable users of personal computers and other consumer electronic devices to send and receive audio, video and other multimedia services using the Web.

Reel is the leading Internet-based movie store offering over 100,000 titles on VHS and DVD for sale. also features proprietary editorial content to inform and entertain customers and help them select movies. 

Road Runner Records This site offers hundreds of titles on music/movie CD and DVD for sale. It also provides detailed information about bands

Tower Records has long been recognized and respected throughout the world for its unique brand of retailing. The company has has over 200 locations worldwide, ranging from website to popular record/video/book stores to eclectic art galleries. 

Tunes has brought together a million song clips from 350,000 albums, over 1000 music videos, profiles on 85,000 artists and bands, exclusive concert photos, daily music news, reviews and nightly live and archived performance webcasts. 

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