Pet Stores

Allpets is web site that provides all the information necessary to make educated decisions and good choices,  for pet lovers. They work with vets, breeders, groomers, and other experts to develop the Web content and gives customers the best facts, news, guidance and advice available anywhere, offline or online. In AllPets store carries premium products at everyday prices by carefully screen manufacturers to ensure that the products we carry are the best products both in terms of quality and value.

Friskies PetCare Company for 65 years has  provided dogs and cats with the finest quality pet foods. Through education and information programs, Friskies PetCare has developed a multi-faceted approach to understanding the unique personality and needs of pets and how to satisfy their appetite for life. 

Milk Bone though their web site brings to pet lovers an on-line library of animal care advice including, selecting a pet, basic and medical care, traveling with pets, and training. Milk Bone offers the newest addition to the Milk-Bone Soft & Chewy treats line, Ham and Cheeses.

PawGear is a third party to Canine business on the Internet. The company provides merchants, dog owners, wholesalers, manufactures and suppliers a community. Its website offers visitors and consumers; product choices, information, and links to everywhere Dog related on the web.

Petco carries premium dog and cat food, treats, grooming supplies, aquariums and over 10,000 other pet supplies. Pet lovers can shop in nearest Petco or shop online with their partner

PetFoodDirect is an internet web site for pet owners to get information about the health or proper nutrition for pets. at has been recognized by both Netscape and Yahoo as a "Cool Site of the Day", and hundreds of other Web Sites now have direct links to it.

PETsMart is an online destination for pet supplies products, health & behavior information and community interaction. According to Media Metrix, PC Data and Nielsen Net Ratings, PetsMart is the most popular online pet site, logging the most traffic of any other pet site and providing the best shopping experience. 

Petopia is about creating the ultimate paradise for pets. Petopia understands that your dog dreams of endless treats and everything your pet wants and needs - It is a place of community, where pet lovers come together to share stories, and celebrate the unique blend of love and companionship their pet gives. is an online retailer of pet products, information and resources. Pets offers a broad product selection and expert advice from a staff of pet-industry experts and veterinarians. The store believes that it gives consumers the confidence that they are providing their pets with the best possible care. 

Petstore is comprised of a group of 200 plus pet lovers who are dedicated to providing expert advice and solutions so that users can get the information needed to choose the right products for their pets. Petstore has created an environment resembling favorite neighborhood pet stores a place where people take the time to help you choose the best type of food for your new dog, cat, bird, or fish and discuss the advantages of each product.

Pet Valu is North America's largest franchised chain of discount pet product specialty stores with close to 400 stores in North America. The site provides detail information on requirements and qualification to own a Pet Valu francise.

SitStay - The SitStay GoOut Store is an online retail store which sells items for your dog. The store is dedicated to providing quality products and fun information. It features a variety of informative areas and also offer products for sale from a carefully selected group of companies, artists, and vendors. The store takes your order through its secure online ordering system or by fax, phone or mail.

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