ACME Markets has 2400 stores strong in 38 states. The company implements a philosophy that emphasizes quality products, low prices and friendly service. You can review the ACME weekly specials which brings you great savings on a variety of products each week.

Albertson's is now the second largest food-drug retailer in the nation. Its stores feature friendly pharmacies and full service in-store banks. The company also offers consumers Quick Fixin' Meal ideas and a complete line of Specialty Breads.

Brookshire features specialty departments for Dairy, Deli, Bakery, Produce, Meats, pharmacy, Floral, and Gasoline. Find your nearest Brookshire store from 26 cities.

Cameron's - is a place you can buy various fresh seafood. Per the Washington Times, it is #1 seafood market in the Washington DC.

Cooking.Com is a shopping site for cookware, cookbooks, kitchen electrics, cutlery, gourmet food, gifts, recipes, and more.

Dick's offers information about health and nutrition, recipes, prepared meals and take-out food, best selling book titles, magazines and newspaper. Also Dick's offers access to services of wedding planners and florists, as well as gift guides, film and photo finishing, and a wide selection of food, dairy products, baked goods, fresh meat and produce.

Giant Food Giant Food Inc. was founded in 1936 in Washington, D.C.  The Giant Family now includes over 25,000 associates and operates a chain of 179 supermarkets selling, at retail, food, pharmacy, and general merchandise in the East Coast.

Grocery-Gateway is a supermarket for fresh produce and national brands. The company offers home delivery, payment at the door. Shop when you want, from a wide selection of products, from the comfort of your home or office, with delivery to your home, when you ask for it.

Finewine makes shopping for various wine. The Finewine stores presents fine wine in an open, easy to understand setting. This site has a wealth of information about wines and wine appreciation. It offers truly world class wine, yet affordable.

Food Lion is one of the ten largest supermarket chains in the nation. Its company stores sell more than 24,000 different products and offer nationally and regionally advertised brand name merchandise, as well as a growing number of high-quality private label products manufactured and packaged for Food Lion.

H.E.B is one of the largest regional food retailers in the United States. Store operations are supported by manufacturing, distribution, and transportation facilities. The company also operates a milk plant, meat plant, ice cream plant, pastry bakery, and photo-processing lab.

Harry & David is the nation's leading fruit gift company. Not just a distributor, the company grows the fruit, bakes the cakes - even make its own chocolates. Find the many hundreds of new products from its catalogs - from smoked salmon to rare gardenia plants.

IGA is the world's largest voluntary supermarket network, a global alliance of 4,000 independently- owned and operated supermarkets. There are 2,000 IGA supermarkets in the U.S.

Kroger is engaged in the retail food business, and is one of the largest supermarket operators in the United States. The Company operates 1,410 supermarkets located in 24 states under a variety of names.

Magruder's is serving the Maryland, Virginia and DC areas with quality and value. The company offers the finest cuts of quality Angus Beef, the largest selection of fresh seafood, meats and produce, and a bakery full of delicious fresh baked goods.

Meijer Today's Meijer stores are as large as 250,000 square feet. Most Meijer stores have 40 departments featuring over 120,000 different items, including the national brands you trust and Meijer private label products in fashions, hardgoods and grocery.

NetGrocer offers you consistently low prices on a wide variety of food and general merchandise products. Plus, as the first nationwide interactive provider of groceries, Netgrocer is working with the nation's leading manufacturers to bring you selected special purchase promotional pricing, new product samples and other benefits.

Oakville Grocery offers many items that are sold only at Oakville Grocery. Products including Oakville Grocery Private Label line of mustards, California olive oils, fruit preserves and honeys, spices, infused vinegars all artisan allies made in Northern California exclusively for the company.

Oriental Grocery searched all over the U.S. for the finest foods and products. It services include Student Care Pack, Chinese Groceries, Cookware/ Appliance, Chinese Herbs, and festival specialties.

PW Markets features the weekly specials for grocery, frozen food, meat, seafood, floral, take-out deli, bakery, grocery deli, liquor, health and beauty.

Pacific Island delivers international food, gifts, cooking tools and pharmacy items worldwide through a secure, easy to navigate environment with the low prices that you expect online.

Peapod was founded in 1989, has grown to be America's leading Internet grocer "Smart Shopping for Busy People". Its solution provides consumers with time savings and convenience. - Using a simple and compelling consumer proposition --"name your price", collects consumer demand  for a particular product or service at a price set by the customer and communicate that demand directly to participating sellers or to their private databases. 

Raley's  has now 147 stores strong and growing. Raley's owns Bel Air Markets, a chain of 17 supermarkets in the greater Sacramento area; Food Source, a chain of 7 warehouse format stores; and Nob Hill Foods, a chain of 25 supermarkets in south San Jose, Central Coast, and greater Bay Area.  Raleys' also features great online services, such as shopping list, online pharmacy, online entertainment center, and prescription refills.

Rich's is one of the world's largest family-owned food companies. The company, producing desserts, breads and rolls, toppings, icings and more, offers you innovative ideas and a full line of great tasting products to help you grow your business.

Rodman's has been anointed by the Washington Post as the weirdest little drugstore in Washington. Over the years the Rodman's corner drugstore has evolved into an international marketplace filled with unusual and exotic foods, wines and  houseware, and the finest European soaps and body care products.

Safeway Safeway Inc. is the second largest food and drug retailer in North America based on sales. The company operates 1,381 stores in the United States and Canada.  Safeway has an extensive network of distribution, manufacturing and food processing facilities. It operates stores offering a wide selection of both food and general merchandise and feature a variety of specialty departments such as bakery, delicatessen, floral and pharmacy.

Supermarkets offers ValuPage that helps you to save money for food on leading national brands at local supermarkets.  The ValuPage  is a weekly collection of manufacturer sponsored offers (coupons, recipes, rebates, etc.) good on leading brands. 

SmartSource is operated by News America Marketing - the nation's leading provider of coupon and coupon-related consumer promotions. The company's offers are redeemable in any store that currently accepts paper coupons, the offers presented are designed to match user preferences and prior purchase choices to save you both time and money.

Sandy is located in Wilbur, Washington, offers you big town service with small town prices.

Shopper Food Warehouse (SFW) is the owner and operator of Shoppers Food Warehouse and Shoppers Club supermarkets, the third largest and fastest growing chain of supermarkets in the Washington, DC area.

Shaw's has stores throughout Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont and Connecticut. It serves nearly 2 million customers each week It is the company's ongoing emphasis on attentive service and the freshest products, which have kept it there for 135 years.

Spartan is the 9th-largest grocery wholesaler in the United States. It distributes more than 40,000 products to about 425 independently owned grocery stores in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. The company has an extensive private label line that includes more than 1,800 Spartan brand products and 240 Save Rite items.

Streamline has delivered its products and services to suburban households in the greater Boston area over the past several years and has developed a business model that it intends to replicate in other markets across the country.

Thompson has stores located in Illinois and Iowa.  Each store provides a wide variety of food with a special sale weekly.

Trader Joe's brings you the best food and beverage values you can find anywhere, and the information you need to make informed buying decisions. Find more than 800 unique grocery items in TJ's private label which represents great flavor, unusual recipes, high quality ingredients, special nutritional claims, and all natural ingredients.

Ukrop's is a chain of grocery stores. The company's food quality standards are among the highest in the business. With Valued Customer program, customers can get a card, which they can present for exclusive savings on hundreds of items.

Viviano & Sons is a classic old-world Italian grocery store on "the Hill". The Hill is and was the hub of life for Italian Americans in St. Louis.

YGrocer.Com makes shopping simple. Just click on the department you would like to shop in and select the items you would like to buy. The search function will show you a list of possible matches for you to choose to purchase that item.

Winn-Dixie is one of the leading food retailers in the U.S., with over 1100 stores located in fourteen states and the Bahamas Islands. The Company operates a chain of retail self-service food stores that sell groceries, meats, seafood, fresh produce, deli/bakery products, pharmaceuticals and general merchandise items.

Williams-Sonoma is a national specialty retailer of fine quality cooking and serving equipment, home furnishings and home and garden accessories, which it markets through 298 retail stores and five mail order catalogs.

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