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ADLDS, Advanced Discount Long Distance Services resells first & second tier long distance carrier services. ADLDS can offer lower rates due to a volume discount that has been negotiated. The company buys at a lower rate, mark it up a little and pass these savings on to customers. 

Ameritech web site provides information on telecommunications products and services for home and business uses. Visitors to the site can also shop online.

AT&T is among the world's premier voice and data communications companies, serving more than 80 million customers, including consumers, businesses, and government. 

Bell Atlantic web site offers a comprehensive information on telecommunications services for home, businesses, and government. 

Bell South provides telecommunications solutions for small, medium & large businesses, and communications tools for making life easier at home.

BizBuyer is one of the fastest growing business-to-business, e-commerce sites on the Internet. The Company provides an online marketplace where small to mid-size businesses can receive competitive quotes on a broad range of internet services, telecommunications, and many other categories of products and services from qualified sellers.

BuyTelco is the new and easy way to buy and manage your telecommunication services, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. BuyTelco can help you with phone lines, ISDN, DSL, T-1 and other telecom services. An excellent web to learn, research, buy and manage telecommunication needs.

Cable&Wireless has a Web site created to document and explain the history of Cable & Wireless, products and services it offers.

CM&A is a brokerage and consulting firm which specializes in telecommunications, wireless and private cable TV and telephony. CM+A has a number of clients and projects in the USA and internationally including: the Caribbean and Latin America, and Western and Eastern Europe.

Cincinnati Bell is Cincinnati's leading provider of voice, data, video and information service. 

CompuNet Information Network provides long-distance telephone service at discount price, unlimited Internet service, and CompuBank online banking.

Comsearch provides rate search for domestic and international long-distance telephone calls. Information is available for calling cards, residential, and international call back services. 

Decide makes it easy to shop intelligently and confidently for telecommunications products and services. Visitors can compare accurate, unbiased, and comprehensive information about virtually any telecom product or service available

DLD2000 since 1995 offers regular business & residential long-distance rates within United States and International. Different options of services listed are unlimited flat monthly rate, cell phone long distance, and calling card calls.

EasyCall Communications has been offering long distance and Internet services on the Web since 1995. EasyCall offers a diverse variety of discount Long Distance and Internet services chosen for their combination of high quality and excellent value.

eKit is an all-in-one communication and information service for people on the road. eKit combines: global phone service, free email service, online travel vault, and online travel tools and information. 

Everythingwireless is a direct source for the biggest selection of cellular and PCS phones and accessories.

Cellular One in Washington/Baltimore was the first independent wireless carrier to begin operations in the United States in 1983. In addition to wireless service, Cellular One markets cellular long distance and paging.

GTE is driven by telecommunications technology. GTE's unified technology resource is conducting research and development in advanced network applications and technologies and converged telecommunications and delivering network technologies and security to federal and commercial markets.

Hello Direct is an online store for corded phones, cordless phones, teleconferencing system, and much more. The site also provides information on communications systems and services.

GetThePhone is the web's premier hub of telecommunications competition. Visitors can download free stuff like software for internet answering machine, internet Access, and free 50 minute calling card and more. 

LD is the leader in online telecommunications sales since 1995. Among the many services are long distance, calling cards, callback services, satellite TV, cellular/PCS, and I-Net telephony.

MCI operating in more than 65 countries, the company is a premier provider of facilities-based and fully integrated local, long distance, international and Internet services. 

MyRatePlan offers a comprehensive, unbiased online information resource to help consumers locate the best price for the exact amount of service they need.

MLI Network since 1995 has been selling some of the lowest long distance rates available. MLI Network now has such a large variety of rate plans to choose from that the company usually able to match customer up with a rate plan that will save money without sacrificing quality. 

Nextel to become the worldwide leader in wireless communications, developed a fully integrated, guaranteed all-digital wireless network. Nextel continues to focus on developing new and differentiated products and services targeted to the business customer on the move. 

NoEqual is a site that offers great telecommunications products and services, such as personal 800 number, Internet service, long-distance, and discount travel calling card.

PhoneCard is a custom phone card service company whose primary provider is LINQ Telecom, Inc., established in 1989, who was recently recognized by Consumer Reports as the No. 1 service provider in the calling card industry for value and service.

Phonekings is a long-distance web site. The visitors will find the finest telecommunications products offered. Company services include, domestic long distance, international  calling services, calling cards, internet telephony (Net2Phone), international callback and more. 

Qwest - Qwest Communications International® is a leader in reliable and secure broadband Internet-based data, voice and image communications for businesses and consumers. Its website features easy-to-find product information and a product finder to help you quickly identify products related to telephone services.

SBC Communications provides comprehensive telecommunications products and services through a global network of leading brands and operations in the U.S. and 22 other countries around the world.

SimplyWireless provide comprehensive wireless solutions to individual users or businesses. 

SNET is America’s first commercial phone exchange to the deployment of fiber optic networks. SNET committed to enhancing communications for their customers.

Sprint web site is one-stop source for what's happening at Sprint. If looking to find anything and everything about Sprint, its services and products, links provided to source of such information. 

SprintPCS built the only all-digital, all-PCS nationwide network from the ground up for clearer calls, serving more than 300 major metropolitan areas. 

TalkAllDay offers unlimited high quality plans using the FNET Global Network. Plans include unlimited economy plans, voice over Internet Protocol for home, office, or business.

TSR Wireless Internet Service offers reliable, fast, unlimited nationwide Internet access at a low monthly charge. 

TelecomManagers web site of The Association of Independent Telecommunications Managers, provides the most competitive, reliable services offered in industry, including advice on various telecom related issues. 

TeleGea is the leading global provider of telecommunications e-business solution technologies for the online purchase, real-time delivery and web-enabled management of telecommunications products. It has developed a unique e-business platform that allows telecom providers and e-tailers to establish new revenue opportunities by streamlining their delivery of telecommunications offerings to online buyers.

US West is a leading broadband and communications service provider, with more than $13 billion in annual revenues. US WEST leads the industry in deploying next-generation broadband ADSL and VDSL Internet access and data/video services; offers the nation's first and only 'one-number' advanced wireless service that integrates customers' home or business phones with their wireless PCS, and others. 

Unitel, the provider of Flat Rate Long Distance Service to US-based companies and individuals with extraordinary savings and the utmost convenience on all international and domestic long distance telephone calls.

Verizon Wireless offers simple, reliable, and affordable wireless products and services. Verizon Wireless was founded by combining Bell Atlantic Mobile, AirTouch Communications, and PrimeCo. 

Worldxchange, a family of companies specializes in providing voice and voice-band data telecommunications to residential and commercial customers throughout the world. 

1888USA is a leading destination for free and flat rate long distance services, free internet service providers, and many other free communication resources. Visitors can click "Compare Them" under several categories for a side–by–side comparison of each service. 

1010PhoneRates provides a comparative rates of more than a dozen 10-10 and 10-x dial around phone plans side-by-side.

10-10-345 provides information on low rates on their direct dial long-distance and international call without any monthly charge.  

10-10-719 is a dial-around service of StarTech. The company also provides Internet services at a low monthly rate. 

10-10-811 is long-distance service of VarTec Telecom, Inc. The company's mission is to be an innovative, profitable, quality provider of high-value telecommunications products and services.  

10-10-297 is a pioneer in the dial-around industry, Telco Communications Group, Inc. an Excel Communications, Inc. Company, offers savings to millions of residential long distance customers across the United States through its10-10-297 branded dial-around services. 

10-10-321 is a dial-around long-distance service of Telecom* USA. Telecom*USA has been providing quality long distance phone service at low prices to customers since 1984. 

10-10-220 is a dial-around domestic and worldwide long-distance service of Telecom* USA. Telecom*USA has been providing quality long distance phone service at low prices to customers since 1984. 

10-10-457 is a pioneer in the dial-around industry, Telco Communications Group, Inc. an Excel Communications, Inc. Company offers great rates to millions of residential long distance customers across the United States through its 10-10-457 branded dial-around services. 

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