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  1. Phishing is a type of social engineering attack (e.g., fraudulent emails, text messages, phone calls, web sites) often used to trick users into downloading malware, sharing sensitive information or personal data (e.g., Social Security and credit card numbers, bank account numbers, login credentials). Successful phishing attacks often lead to steal user data, including identity theft, credit card fraud, ransomware attacks, data breaches, and huge financial losses for individuals and corporations. Some common phishing include
    • Email phishing - A attack uses tactics like phony hyperlinks to lure email recipients into sharing their personal information.
    • Malware phishing - A attack involves planting malware disguised as a trustworthy attachment (such as a resume or bank statement) in an email.
    • Spear phishing - A attack targets specific individuals by exploiting information gathered through research into their jobs and social lives.
    • Whaling - A attack targets to find an opportune moment to steal login credentials or other sensitive information.
    • Smishing - A attack involves sending text messages disguised as trustworthy communications from businesses like Amazon or FedEx.
    • Vishing - A attack uses fraudulent call centers to trick people into providing sensitive information over the phone.
    • Cunning communication - A attack manipulates victims into giving up sensitive data by concealing malicious messages and attachments in an email.
    • Perception of need - A attack convinces people to act, such as downloading malware.
    • False trust - A attack fools people by creating a false sense of trustand even the most perceptive fall for their scams.
    • Emotional manipulation - A attack uses psychological tactics to convince their targets to act.
  2. Pegasus is spyware developed by the NSO Group that can be covertly installed on mobile phones (and other devices) running most versions of iOS and Android. Pegasus not only enables the keystroke monitoring of all communications from a phone (texts, emails, web searches) but it also enables phone call and location tracking, while also permitting NSO Group to hijack both the mobile phone's microphone and camera, and turning it into a constant surveillance device. Pegasus is capable of reading text messages, tracking calls, collecting passwords, tracking location, accessing the target device's microphone and camera, and harvesting information from apps.
  3. The NSO Group sold the Pegasus spyware software to its clients for surveillance of anti-regime activists, journalists and political leaders around the world. A leaked list of 50,000 phone numbers of potential surveillance targets was obtained by Amnesty International and Paris-based journalism non-profit Forbidden Stories, and shared with the reporting consortium, including The Washington Post and The Guardian. How Pegasus works
    • Target: Someone sends whats known as a trap link to a smartphone that persuades the victim to tap and activate or activates itself without any input, as in the most sophisticated zero-click hacks.
    • Infect: The spyware captures and copies the phones most basic functions, NSO marketing materials show, recording from the cameras and microphone and collecting location data, call logs and contacts.
    • Track: The implant secretly reports that information to an operative who can use it to map out sensitive details of the victims life.
  4. The US DOJ filed an antitrust lawsuit on 10/19/2020 against Google alleging the company of abusing its dominance over smaller rivals by operating like an illegal monopoly. Google controls the worlds most popular web browser (Chrome), video streaming site (YouTube) and smartphone operating system (Android), while claiming the lions share of the revenue from the $162 billion global online ad market. The suit follows years of complaints by smaller tech companies, news publishers and other rivals in the U.S. and Europe who say Google has abused its search engines role as the internets de facto gatekeeper to unfairly benefit its other sprawling business interests. The complaint said for many years, Google has used anticompetitive tactics to maintain and extend its monopolies in the markets for general search services, search advertising, and general search text advertising - the cornerstones of its empire". Google is harnessing its internet gatekeeper role to enrich the company's vast business empire, stifling competitors and hurting consumers through exclusionary agreements, including deals, such as the one it struck with Apple making Google the default search engine on the Safari browser on iPhones.
  5. Google has removed 17 malicious applications, which were infected with the Joker (aka Bread) malware, from the official Android Play Store. Google used the Play Protect service to disable the apps on infected devices, but users still need to manually intervene and remove the apps from their devices.
    • All Good PDF Scanner
    • Blue Scanner
    • Care Message
    • Desire Translate
    • Direct Messenger
    • Hummingbird PDF Converter - Photo to PDF
    • Meticulous Scanner
    • Mint Leaf Message-Your Private Message
    • One Sentence Translator - Multifunctional Translator
    • Part Message
    • Paper Doc Scanner
    • Private SMS
    • Style Photo Collage
    • Talent Photo Editor - Blur focus
    • Tangram App Lock
    • Unique Keyboard - Fancy Fonts & Free Emoticons
    Once on a user's device, these apps eventually download and "drop" (with the name droppers, or loaders) other components or apps on the device that contain the Joker malware or other malware strains.
    • com.imagecompress.android
    • com.relax.relaxation.androidsms
    • com.file.recovefiles
    • com.training.memorygame
    • Push Message- Texting & SMS
    • Fingertip GameBox
    • com.contact.withme.texts
    • com.cheery.message.sendsms (two different instances)
    • com.LPlocker.lockapps
    • Safety AppLock
    • Emoji Wallpaper
    • com.hmvoice.friendsms
    • com.peason.lovinglovemessage
    • com.remindme.alram
    • Convenient Scanner 2
    • Separate Doc Scanner
  6. ITU estimates that at the end of 2019, 53.6% of the global population, 4.1 billion people, are using the Internet.
  7. Scammers are using illegal robocalls to pitch everything from scam Coronavirus treatments to work-at-home schemes, you should ignore online offers for vaccinations and home test kits. Scammers are trying to get you to buy products that arent proven to treat or prevent the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) online or in stores. As of 3/27/2020, there also no FDA-authorized medicine or home test kits for the Coronavirus.
  8. At the end of 2019, ITU estimated that 53.6 per cent of the global population, or 4.1 billion people, are using the Internet; around 48% of woman and 58% of men were using the Internet in 2019.
  9. Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) is a technology developed by CableLabs for transfer of data over coaxial cable used for cable TV connection. Cable Operators across the world have adopted DOCSIS standards, DOCSIS 3.1 and DOCSIS 3.0, for providing Internet data, voice, and video services using existing cable TV systems. DOCSIS 3.1 (released in October 2013) features significantly higher speeds than DOCSIS 3.0 (eleased in August 2006); while DOCSIS 3.0 provides maximum downstream speed and maximum upstream speed up to 1 Gbps and 200 Mbps, respectively, DOCSIS 3.1 can provide maximum downstream speed and maximum upstream speed up to 10 Gbps and 1 Gbps.
  10. ToTok is most popular in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.), but also serves millions of users in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America. The company that created ToTok, Breej Holding, is believed to be a front group for an Abu Dhabi-based hacking firm called DarkMatter. But the service, ToTok, is actually a spying tool. It is used by the government of the U.A.E. to try to track every conversation, movement, relationship, appointment, sound and image of those who install it on their phones. Google removed it from its store on 12/19/2019, and Apple followed suit on 12/20/2019.
  11. The top Internet-censored countries in the world are North Korea, Burma, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, Syria, Tunisia, Vietnam and Turkmenistan.
  12. Bahrain, China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam and Yemen are the top countries that restrict Internet usage in the world.
  13. During a pretrial hearing to dismiss a lawsuit stemming from the Cambridge Analytica scandal in July 2019, it was surprised that Facebook told the judge that it didn't violate users' privacy rights because there's no expectation of privacy when using social media. Facebook also claimed it isn't a social network and not somewhere you can make friends.
  14. Google decided to work with the Chinese military while refusing to work with the U.S. Department of Defense. The Intercept reported that Google was working on a secret prototype of a new, censored Chinese search engine, called Project Dragonfly, to help Chinese government to monitor its people. In 3/2019 President Trump concerned about Google is helping China and their military, but not the US.
  15. China uses its Internet censorship policy, which prevents Internet users from accessing proscribed websites from within the country, China blocked about 10,000 domain names. These include many popular websites, such as Google, Youtube, Bing, Yahoo, Live, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Amazon, Wikipedia, HBO, Netflix, Nintendo, Bloomberg, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Economist, Independent, Time Magazine, and BBC. You can test if a website is blocked in China.
  16. While the U.S. encourages countries to have cybersecurity strategies that fully incorporate human rights and economic interests, some states, like China and Russia, have "cybersecurity" policies and laws that are aimed at controlling discourse and dissent. These countries both claim "absolute sovereignty" in cyberspace and do not recognize that international human rights transcend international borders. Restrictive policies curtailing the free flow of information have both negative human rights and economic impacts. Many of Chinas laws and regulations, including its Cybersecurity Law, are deliberately vague but have broad implications for data localization, mandatory testing, cooperation with Chinese authorities, forced technology transfer and market access in China.
  17. China has the most aggressive data localization laws. Chinas Cybersecurity Law that went into effect in June 2017 requires all "important information" and "personal information" to be stored in China. Under this regime, "network operators" are prohibited from transferring covered data outside of China without undergoing a government‐mandated security assessment. As currently defined, the law could cover any entity that owns or operates a computer network and applies to a vast and ambiguous assortment of different types of data. China is not the only country with data localization requirements: India, Russia, Nigeria, and South Korea all have enacted laws that prohibit the transfer of a range of business and consumer data outside of their respective jurisdictions. In some cases, these laws mandate physical servers be installed in‐country as a condition of doing business.
  18. IEEE 802.11ac, which was finalized in 2013, uses the 5 GHz band while IEEE 802.11n, which has been around since 2009, uses 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz; higher bands are faster but lower bands reach further. IEEE 802.11ac is fully backwards compatible with previous WiFi standards, it works well with IEEE 802.11a (introduced in 1999), IEEE 802.11b (1999), IEEE 802.11g (2003) and IEEE 802.11n (2009). Theoretically, IEEE 802.11ac is capable of transmitting data up to 1300 megabits per second (Mbps), which is the equivalent of 162.5 megabytes per second (MBps); this is 3x faster than the typical 450 Mbps speed attributed to IEEE 802.11n. However, actually the fastest IEEE 802.11ac can transmit data up to 720 Mbps (90MBps) while IEEE 802.11n tops out at about 240 Mbps (30 MBps). Futhermore, at 3.3 feet (1 meter) IEEE 802.11ac speeds only up to 90 MBps, at 33 ft (10 meters): 70 MBps, and at 66 ft (20 meters) behind two solid walls: 50 MBps.
  19. Ransomware damage costs predicted to hit $11.5B by 2019
  20. Your iPad is obsolete if it is an original iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad mini. These models no longer receive operating system updates, but the vast majority of applications still work on them.
  21. A tablet computer, commonly shortened to tablet, is a mobile device, typically with a mobile operating system and LCD touchscreen display processing circuitry, and a rechargeable battery in a single thin, flat package. The differences being that tablets are relatively larger than smartphones, with screens 7 inches (18 cm) or larger, measured diagonally, and may not support access to a cellular network.
  22. Facebook allows devices made by Amazon.com, BlackBerry, Apple and Samsung to access data from the social network's users without users' knowledge.
  23. As of July 31 2018, GoDaddy managed over 76 million domain names for 18 million customers worldwide. as of today (5/2019) it has around 18.8 million customers and about 78 million domain names.
  24. As of 8/2018 300+ million people across 49 countries have gigabit internet availabilty. The United States remains the country with Gigabit internet available to over 64 million people, South Korea with access for 46.9 million, Spain with 30.1 million, China with 20.7 million and Canada with 15.7 million.
  25. The Internet Archive is building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form, as of 9/2022 its archive contains:
  26. One Terabyte (TB), which is 1,000 Gigabyte, consists of around 85,900,000 pages of Word documents. For an one-Terabyte data cap a month, you can watch upto 104 90-minute movies per month or five (5) hours of Netflix per day.
  27. Popular Free Email Services:
  28. As of October 2017 there are approximately 3.27 billion Internet users in the world, of which Asia accounts for around 50% of that total number.
  29. To remove the Google Ad program, which ties consumers' online behaviors to their purchases and tracks shoppers using the Google products, such as Google Search, Google Chrome, and Android smart phones, when shopping online, users of Google's products can go to their My Activity Page, click on Activity Controls, and uncheck "Web and Web Activity".
  30. Click here (haveibeenpwned.com) or here (shouldichangemypassword.com) and type your email address to check if your account has been compromised in a data breach.
  31. Ransomware is a kind of cyber attack that involves hackers taking control of a computer or mobile device and demanding payment. It is a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system or data until a ransom is paid. Simple ransomware may lock the system in a way which is not difficult for a knowledgeable person to reverse, and display a message requesting payment to unlock it. More advanced malware encrypts the victim's files, making them inaccessible, and demands a ransom payment to decrypt them. The best protection against ransomware is to back up all of the information and files on your devices in a completely separate system. A good place to do this is on an external hard drive that isn't connected to the Internet. This means that if you suffer an attack you won't loseany information to the hackers.
  32. The most common cyber-crimes:
  33. The most expensive virus to date has been MyDoom, an email worm, which gave hackers remote control over systems, and conducted DDoS attacks. MyDoom is also known as W32.MyDoom@mm, Novarg, Mimail.R and "'Shimgapi'", is a computer worm affecting Microsoft Windows. It was first sighted on January 26, 2004. It became the fastest-spreading e-mail worm ever (as of January 2004, exceeding previous records set by the Sobig worm and ILOVEYOU, a record which as of 2016 has yet to be surpassed.
  34. Phishing is the attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and, indirectly, money), often for malicious reasons, by disguising as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. The aim of phishing is to trick people into handing over their card details or access to protected systems. A Verizon data breach investigations report has shown that 23% of people open phishing emails.
  35. As of the end of 2016, around 40% of global Internet users shopped online to buy products or goods.
  36. As of January 2016 there were 3.26 billion Internet users, of which 21.97% for China, 9.58% for the U.S. and 8.33% for India. 86.75% of the U.S. population and 89.90% of U.K. citizens use the Internet, and Bermuda has the highest Internet penetration at 97.75% (63,987 over 65,461 population). Asia accounts for 48.4% of global internet users.
  37. As of January 2016 there were around 123.78 million registered .com domain names, accounted for 50% of all domain registrations, followed by the .tk with 27.7 million.
  38. An estimated 37,000 websites are hacked every day. The most highly-publicized breaches accounts in recent years:
  39. Hackers stole data on 500 million Yahoo! users' accounts in 2014, and more than 450,000 user accounts were compromised in 2012. Account user information includes names, email addresses, telephone numbers, birth dates, encrypted passwords and, in some cases, security questions.
  40. More than 70 million households and seven million small businesses accounts at JPMorgan were hacked in 2014.
  42. Michael Aldrich demonstrates the first online shopping system in 1979.
  43. Minitel was introduced by France Tlcom and used for online ordering nationwide in France in 1982.
  44. CompuServe launched the Electronic Mall, which was the first comprehensive electronic commerce service in the USA and Canada, in April 1984.
  45. Tim Berners-Lee wrote about a software and database project that enabled information sharing among international researchers; he wrote the first web browser, WorldWideWeb, using a Apple NeXT computer in 1990, and it became the platform for the World Wide Web,
  46. Raymond Samuel Tomlinson was an American computer programmer who implemented the first email program (in 1971) on ARPANET, an early packet switching network and the first network to implement the protocol suite TCP/IP, which were the foundation of the Internet.
  47. Book Stacks Unlimited in Cleveland, OH, opened the first commercial website (books.com) selling books online with credit card processing in 1992.
  48. Netscape 1.0 was introduced in late 1994 with SSL encryption that made transactions secure for electronic commerce.
  49. Ipswitch IMail Server became the first electronic commerce software available online for sale in 1994, and it could be downloaded from the websites, Ipswitch, Inc. and OpenMarket.
  50. Amazon.com, an American electronic commerce launched by Jeff Bezos in 1995, is the largest Internet-based retailer in the U.S, started as an online bookstore, later diversifying to sell DVDs, Blu-rays, CDs, video downloads/streaming, MP3 downloads/streaming, audiobook downloads/streaming, software, video games, electronics, apparel, furniture, food, toys and jewelry.
  51. To reach 50 million users it took the World Wide Web 4 years, the radio 38 years, and the television 13 years.
  52. Zappos.com wasbacquired by Amazon.com for $928 million in 2009.
  53. eBay acquires PayPal for $1.5 billion in 2002
  54. Business.com sold $7.5 million to eCompanies in 1999; it was purchased $149,000 in 1997. The most expensive domain name ever sold is Insurance.com, for $35.6 million in 2010.
  55. Alibaba Group, the largest Chinese e-commerce company that provides consumer-to-consumer, business-to-consumer and business-to-business sales services via web portals, was established in China in 1999. Alibaba Group has the largest Initial public offering ever, worth $25 billion, in 9/2014 in the U.S.
  56. IndiaMART business-to-business (B2B) marketplace established in India in 1996; it's one of the largest Indian online marketplaces based in Noida, India
  57. The first message sent over the Internet was "LOG", and it was done at MIT.
  58. The first YouTube video, Me at the zoo, which features Jawed Karim, one of the founders of YouTube, at the San Diego Zoo, was uploaded on April 23, 2005. The other co-founders are Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. Google acquired YouTube, a 65-employee company headquartered in San Bruno, CA, for $1.65 billion in an all stock transaction on October 16, 2006.
  59. Sina Weibo is a Chinese micro-logging website, which has features that are similar to Twitter and Facebook. It is one of the most popular sites in China, in use by well over 30% of Internet users, and has about 100 million messages posted daily.  It was launched by SINA Corporation on 14 August 2009, and has 503 million registered users as of December 2012.
  60. Twitter has 271 million monthly active users, and 500 million Tweets are sent per day as of 9/2014.
  61. On May 19, 2014, a grand jury in the Western District of Pennsylvania (U.S) indicted five Chinese military hackers, Wang Dong, Sun Kailiang, Wen Xinyu, Huang Zhenyu, and Gu Chunhui, for computer hacking, economic espionage and other offenses.
  62. As of April 2014, every minute there are 1,820 TB of data created, 168+ million emails sent, 698,500 Google searches, 11+ million instant messages, 695,000+ Facebook accesses, and 98,000+ tweets.
  63. January 2014 Facebook has revenue of $2.59bn for the three months to the end of December 2013   up 63% from the same time the previous year.
  64. Google promoted copycat sites, happily taking the revenue that it generates.
  65. 152,445,165 Adobe accounts were compromised in a massive October 2013 breach with each containing an internal ID, username, email, encrypted password and a password hint in plain text.
  66. 453,427 Yahoo! accounts were breached in 2012 via an SQL [structured query language] injection attack.
  67. Apple Inc. reporteda new record, with preorders for the new models, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, in the first 24 hours after its announcement day (September 9, 2014), surpassing 4 million, twice that for the iPhone 5. About 2 million pre-orders were received for the iPhone 5 in the first 24 hours after it went on sale in September 2012. More than 10 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices were sold in the first three days. Apple sold 5 million of iPhone 5 in the first weekend.
  68. Apple sold a record-breaking 9 million new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c models, just three days after the launch of the new iPhones on September 20, 2013.
  69. More than 200 million Apple users are running the new iOS 7 on their iPhones and iPads, and that more than 11 million unique listeners already tuned in to iTunes Radio in the first five days after it went live.
  70. Apple took 21 days to sell 10 million iPhone 5s; Samsung took 50 days to sell 10 million Galaxy S IIIs
  71. As of 3/2013 Microsoft's Internet Explorer has a 56% market share for Internet browsers on personal computers, Mozilla's Firefox has a 20% share and Google's Chrome has 17%.
  72. Apple took 21 days to sell 10 million iPhone 5s; Samsung took 50 days to sell 10 million Galaxy S IIIs
  73. Apple expects to sell about 250 million iPhone 5 with a projected revenue of $144 billion before the next generation of iPhone is released.
  74. About 145.8 million iPhones were sold before iPhone 5 was released (9/21/2012).
  75. There were about 94 million iPhone sold in 2012.
  76. Around 75% of iPhone users slept with their iPhone next to them in bed, and 94% confessed to having a certain level of addiction to their iPhone.
  77. Apple iPhone 5 vs Apple iPhone 4 - In addition to having a size that is taller, thinner and lighter than the size of Apple iPhone 4S, Apple iPhone 5 uses 4G LTE connectivity that has a speed as four times faster than the one of Apple iPhone 4S, which only offers 3G HSDPA connectivity. iPhone 5 also has 8MP camera that can simultaneously capture 1080p HD videos and images while Apple iPhone 4 has 5MP camera that can only capture 720p HD videos.
  78. As of 2012, Apple employs 60,400 full-time employees, but most of them are employees in Apple's retail stores (36,000).
  79. As of August 2012, Twitter had about 900 employees, and over 500 million active users, generating over 340 million tweets daily and handling over 1.6 billion search queries per day.
  80. As of March 2014, Facebook had 7,185 employees (June 2014) and about 1.28 billion monthly unique 1.28 billion worldwide. As of July 2012, it had 3,976 employees, and 955 million monthly active users worldwide (552 million daily active users), of which approximately 81% of its monthly active users were outside the U.S. and Canada, and 543 million active users using Facebook on a mobile device. There were about 155.6 million members from the U.S., 52.8 million members from Brazil, 51 million members from India, 44 million members from Indonesia, and 36.2 million members from Mexico.
  81. On average, teenagers send 60 text messages per day.
  82. WhatsApp Inc., a 55-employee copmany that provides a mobile messenger service, was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, both former employees of Yahoo! As of August, 2014, WhatsApp, which had over 600 million active users as of 9/2014, was acquired by Facebook for $19 billion in February 2014.
  83. Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos, and share them on a variety of social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr Instagram was acquired by Facebook in April 2012 for approximately US$1billion in cash and stock.
  84. Google, which has about 31,400 employees as of 2012, is the Internet's leading brand in terms of number of users. In May 2012 it had 155 million unique U.S. visitors from desktop and laptop computers, compared with Facebook's 140 million.
  85. In 2011 Google had 38.5% of the online advertising market, compared with 4.6% for Facebook.
  86. Google learns about you while you enter requests into its search engine, the YouTube site, or receive or send emails using your Gmail account. Moreover, if you write memos on Google's online word processing program, Docs, Google will alert you if you misspell the name of a friend or co-worker who has communicated with you on Google's Gmail.
  87. Google increased its share of the search market to 66.2 percent in January 2012, up from 65.9 percent in December 2011. Microsoft's Bing climbed from 15.1 percent to 15.2 percent, and Yahoo fell from 14.5 percent to 14.1 percent market share. (Source: comScore).
  88. As of June 2012 there were 7,017,846,922 people used Internet worldwide; of which Africa: 1,073,380,925; Asia: 3,922,066,987; Europe: 820,918,446; Middle East: 223,608,203; North America: 348,280,154; Latin America / Caribbean: 593,688,638; and Oceania / Australia: 35,903,569.
  89. As of January 2017, Google is the #1 most popular website in the world, followed by Facebook and YouTube. As of 1/2012 Google+ had 90 million users and about 60% loged in every day.
  90. As of the 1/2012 Bing Search supports 37 languages, including Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese. Search in the English language with the English-French Bing translator can produce French language results.
  91. Since 5/2011 Microsoft included comments from Facebook friends into its Bing search engine.
  92. Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), the set of communications protocols used for the Internet was designed in 1973.
  93. Ray Tomlinson introduced electronic mail system with the @ to distinguish between the sender's name and network name in the e-mail address in 1971.
  94. The French Culture Ministry has banned the word 'e-mail and replace it by the term 'courriel' in all government documentation, because 'e-mail' is an English word.
  95. Internet Domain Registration was free until an announcement by the National Science Foundation on 14th September, 1995, changed it.
  96. As the end of 2011, Facebook has more than 800 million active users around the world, and roughly 200 million in the United States.
  97. Per Forbes, at the end of March 2011, the value of Facebook, Zynga, Twitter and Linkedin is $65B, $8B, $4B and $2.2B, respectively.
  98. MySpace had 25 million as of June 2012. It had around 63 million users in February 2011, down from about 110 million in February 2010.
  99. A majority of Americans ignore Internet ads the most; smaller percentages ignore television, radio and newspaper ads.
  100. During the period of October 2009 to October 2010 Facebook members increased 22%, Twitter up only 1% , LinkedIn lost 5%, and MySpace lost 21%.
  101. Around 21% of Americans have never accessed the internet.
  102. In 2010 American people aged 18-24 spent more than 4 times shopping online than older consumers.
  103. Google scans the text of all incoming messages sent to users holding Gmail accounts for advertising purposes. Google claims that it is a fair and necessary tradeoff for the company's free Gmail service.
  104. Google leads in providing free mapping service, Google Maps: 51,996,000, MapQuest: 39,801,000, and Yahoo! Maps: 10,457,000.
  105. Facebook leads to attract people using its online photo sharing site, Facebook Photos: 44,796,000, Flickr: 24,657,000, Photobucket 22,171,000, and Google Picasa Network: 9,701,000.
  106. Facebook had more than 2000 employees as of 2010. Employee' benefits package sounds pretty sweet: medical, dental and vision health plans with no premiums, 401(k) plan, 4 weeks vacation and 8 company holidays, free catered breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, dry cleaning and laundry services, and a free IBM Thinkpad or Apple MacBook Pro.
  107. 4.33 million hours are spent on Facebook each day (worldwide); more than 13 million users update their profile daily.
  108. MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn account for seven of the top 20 most visited Web sites in the world.
  109. Today there are more than 300 social networking sites around the world with 80% of sites having headquarters in the U.S.
  110. MySpace grew at a rate of about 157 member profiles every minute totaling about 82.7 million new profiles a year.
  111. While other social networks have a broader age demographics, member profiles in Bebo and Xanga consist mostly of teens and early 20's.
  112. 57% of social network users are female; 35% of all users (male/female) are 18 to 29 years old, 23% of them are students, and 48% are single.
  113. Nearly half of all students under 18 years old who have access to the internet have their own personal profiles on social networking sites.
  114. The number of U.S. consumers who frequent online video sites has climbed 339% since 2003, while time spent on these sites has shot up almost 2,000% over the same period.
  115. In China, surveillance and censorship of the Internet's use are very extensive. The Chinese government has mandated that all computers in the country must have the government screening software installed. Reporters Without Borders lists China as one of 13 "enemies of the Internet
  116. China has approximate 384 million Internet users (about 30 percent of the population) as of January 2010, of which 59 percent of Internet users had home/office access and 41 percent used at 1,100,000 Internet cafes. they are possibly the world's heaviest users of Internet-based products, capabilities and services.
  117. 43% of China's Internet users contribute to net forums and discussion boards. The most prolific group is young professionals with ages between 25 to 29. 37% of bloggers post daily, and 41 million of users engage in at least 6 activities that connect with 84 people on a weekly basis.
  118. 42% of Hispanic Internet users report downloading content compared to 35% of all U.S. adults; 55% of Hispanic users send text messages; 28% send pictures; and 15% downloaded a video game and sent/received email.
  119. In the United States there are about 220 million Internet users (70 percent of its population) in 2009, of which 99 percent of Internet users had home access and 1 percent used Internet cafes.
  120. Sweden has the highest percentage of internet users (72 percent).
  121. 33% of Americans (all ages) have social networking profiles; 40% of them visit their profiles daily.
  122. About 42 million Americans tune into online radio each week.
  123. Hundreds of thousands may lose Internet after July 9, 2012 because of the malicious software installed in their computers. The FBI is encouraging users to visit a website run by its security partner, dcwg.org, that will inform them whether they're infected and explain how to fix the problem.
  124. Number of years to reach 50 million users - Internet: 5 years, Cable TV: 10 years, TV: 13 years, and Radio: 38 years.
  125. Microsoft Internet Explorer browser continues sliding in popularity (down from 95% to 68% - as of January 2010) while Firefox and Safari have eaten into that share.
  126. Google (362M), Microsoft (322M),Yahoo (238M), and Facebook (218.8M) were the only sites attracted more than 200 million unique visitors (for each) in February 2010.
  127. As of October 2009, there are about 200 million free email accounts provided by various groups, of which Yahoo! Mail: 105,458,000, Windows Live Hotmail: 48,962,000, and Gmail: 39,251,000.
  128. Netscape found by Jim Clark, Marc Andreessen and Eric Bina, is the first Internet browser developed by Netscape Communications, Inc. (formerly known as Netscape Communications Corporation) and made it available for the public use in October 1994.
  129. Mosaic (web browser), designed by Eric Bina and Marc Andreessen at the University of Illinoiss National Center for Supercomputer Applications, was released on January23, 1993, and was the first commercial software that allowed graphical access to content on the Internet.
  130. Yahoo!, found by Jerry Yang and David Filo in January 1994, as "Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web", is a web portal with a web directory providing an extensive range of products and services for various online activities.
  131. The "TheProject.html" webpage is the first one posted on the Internet.
  132. The World Wide Web (WWW), which is a system of interlinked hypertext documents accessed via the Internet, was born when Tim Berners-Lee, a researcher at CERN, the high-energy physics laboratory in Geneva, developed HyperText Markup Language.
  133. Steve Wilhite of CompuServe invented the GIF file format, which went on to become the de facto standard for 8-bit images on the Internet until the late 1990s.
  134. The first email was sent in 1971 over the ARPANET between two computers set side by side.

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  191. What Is Link Building and Why Is It Important?
  192. What Is Hacking?
  193. What Is a Dark Web Scan?
  194. What Is the Dark Web? How to Use Tor to Access the Dark Web
  195. What Is the Dark Web? How to Access It and What Youll Find
  196. What Is Social Media Addiction?
  197. What Is a WhatsApp Bot?
  198. What Is Open Graph in SEO
  199. What Is the Open Graph Protocol?
  200. What Is Open Graph and How Can I Use It for My Website?
  201. What Is Instagram Addiction and What to Do About It?
  202. What Instagram Is, Its History, and How the Popular App Works
  203. What Is KRBTGT and Why Should You Change the Password?
  204. What Is the Internet - Internet 101.
  205. What Is the Internet (and What Makes It Work)
  206. What Is Broadband Internet?
  207. What Is an IP Address? (Explanation)
  208. What Is an IP Address? | Dummies
  209. What Is an IP Address, and How Do I Find Mine? | Allconnect
  210. What Is an IP Address and What Does It Mean
  211. What Is an IP Address? Everything You Need to Know
  212. What Is Private IP? Guide to Understand Private IP | Verizon
  213. What Is an IPv4 Address and Who Created Them?
  214. What Is the Joker Malware? How It Affects Apps
  215. What Is Growth Hacking? And How Software Is Eating the World?
  216. What Is 5G? 4G LTE vs 5G, Speed & More.
  217. What Is 5G, and How Fast Will It Be?.
  218. What Is 5G, How Fast Is It, and When Is It Coming?.
  219. What Is the Difference Between 802.11ac and 802.11n WiFi?
  220. What Is an Anonymous Search Engine? & How to Use It to Limit Your Digital Footprint (2020)
  221. What Is Network Hacking and Why Is It a Bad Thing?
  222. What Is Internet Censorship?
  223. What Identity Theft Is, How to Prevent It, Warning Signs and Tips
  224. What Is Pegasus Spyware and How It Works
  225. What Is a Phishing Attack? | IBM
  226. What Is Phishing? Guide with Examples
  227. What Is a Webinar and How Do They Work: Ultimate Guide, With Examples
  228. What Is Digital Citizenship and Why Is It Important?
  229. What Is Digital Citizenship? - Guide for Parents
  230. What Is a Wireless Router?
  231. What Are Phishing Scams? - Step by Step Guide for Anti-Phishing
  232. What Are People Reporting at DoNotCall.gov?
  233. What Are Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet?
  234. What Are the Different Types of Social Media?
  235. What Will the Internet Be Like in the Next 50 Years?.
  236. What Will the Future Internet Look Like.
  237. What the Row Is All About Google Ad Controversy
  238. What Hackers Do With All Your Stolen Passwords?
  239. What to Do When Your Employee Is Harassed Online
  240. What to Do When Your Website Stop Showing Up on Google
  241. What to Do When Your Website Disappeared from Google Entirely
  242. What to Do After the Equifax Data Breach?
  243. What to Expect from the 5 Biggest DSL Internet Providers
  244. What to Know About Pegasus iPhone Spyware Hack| Time
  245. What to Know About Identity Theft
  246. What Internet Scams Are and How to Avoid Them?
  247. What You Should Know About Pegasus Spyware
  248. What the Latest Pegasus Spyware Leaks Tell Us | MIT
  249. What the North Korean Internet Really Looks Like | BBC
  250. What Happened to 5min.com
  251. What Happens When Millions of People Suddenly Get the Internet
  252. What Can You Do Online?.
  253. What Search Engines Store About You?
  254. What Heartbleed Can Teach the OSS Community About Marketing?.
  255. What Internet Speed Do I Need? | FAQs on Internet Speeds
  256. What Not to Do Online.
  257. What Marketers Need to Know Abot Instagram Reels
  258. What You Need to Know About SolarWinds Hack
  259. What IT Pros Need to Know About Ransomware
  260. What We Know and Don't Know About Global Ransomware Attack
  261. What We Know About Russia's Alleged Hack of the U.S. Government and Tech Companies
  262. What We Know About the Secretive Company Behind the Pegasus Spy Software
  263. What We Know About the Ransomware Attacke on a Critical U.S. Pipeline
  264. When Was The Internet Invented?
  265. Where Would You Live on This Amazing Map of the Internet?
  266. Which Countries Have the Strictest Internet Censorship?
  267. Why Facebook Is Banned in China & How to Access It
  268. Why Hospitals Are the Perfect Targets for Ransomware
  269. Why Google Fiber Is High-Speed Internet's Most Successful Failure?
  270. Why Apple's App Store Is Charging 30% Fees - How Is It Justified
  271. Why There Is So Little Left of the Early Internet
  272. Why Companies Censor the Internet at Work
  273. Why Websites Are Lost (and How Theyre Sometimes Found)
  274. Why Did My Website Disappear from Google?
  275. Why Backlinks Disappear and What to Do About It?
  276. Why Link Building Matters
  277. Why Building Links on Your Website a Must?
  278. Why Link Building Is Important and How to Get Started
  279. Why You Need to Build Links to Your Website and What a Good One Looks Like
  280. Why Links Are So Important to Your Website Success
  281. Why Fiber Is Vastly Superior to Cable and 5G
  282. Why Should I Reveal My 'Real Identity' Online? Anonymity Isn't So Terrible?
  283. Why You Shouldn't Get Too Excited About 5G Yet
  284. Why You Should Watch Out for Teen Identity Theft
  285. Why Apples Walled Garden Is No Match for Pegasus Spyware
  286. Why Do Some Countries Censor the Internet?
  287. Why Search Engines Don't Return Relevant Results 100% of theTime

Internet & Information Age

  1. The Internet/Worldwide Computer Network.
  2. Internet Governance: Past, Present, and Future.
  3. The Internet.
  4. Internet Basics.
  5. Computing Basics - The Internet.
  6. The Internet - An Introduction.
  7. Brief History of the Internet.
  8. The Web.
  9. A Short History of the Internet and the Web.
  10. Understanding Internet Connections.
  11. Introduction to the Internet and World Wide Web.
  12. Introduction to the Internet | ITU.
  13. Introduction to Internet Internet Technologies.
  14. History of Internet and World Wide Web.
  15. Internet History Timeline: ARPANET to the World Wide Web.
  16. The State of Broadband: Broadband as a Foundation for Sustainable Development.
  17. From the ARPANET to the Internet.
  18. The Evolution of the Internet.
  19. Municipal Broadband: History's Guide.
  20. The Past and Future History of the Internet.
  21. A Short History of Internet Protocols at CERN.
  22. Simple Guide to Understanding IP Addresses.
  23. Development of the Internet and the World Wide Web
  24. The Evolution of the Internet: From Military Experiment to General Purpose Technology
  25. Understanding IP Addressing.
  26. Understanding IP Addressing | Webopedia
  27. Understanding IP Addresses and Binary.
  28. Understanding IPv4 Addressing and Address Classes.
  29. Understanding IP Addressing and CIDR Charts.
  30. Understanding IP Addresses, Subnets, and CIDR Notation for Networking.
  31. IPv4 - Quick Guide.
  32. IPv6 - Overview.
  33. IPv4 and IPv6
  34. Understanding IPv4 and IPv6 Protocol Family.
  35. IPV4 to IPV6 Converter.
  36. Transition from IPv4 to IPv6.
  37. IPv4 to IPv6 Converter - IPv4-Mapped IPv6 Addresses.
  38. IPv6 Information - American Registry for Internet Numbers.
  39. Networking 101: Understanding IP Addresses.
  40. A Short Guide to IP Addressing.
  41. IP Address, Network Address, and Host Address Explained.
  42. Basics of IP Addresses in Computer Networking.
  43. Beginner's Guide to Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses.
  44. IP Addressing Guide.
  45. IP Address - Introduction to Computer Applications.
  46. Data Networks and IP Addresses.
  47. Next Generation Connectivity
  48. Measuring Digital Development
  49. The State of Mobile Internet Connectivity
  50. The Ultimate List of Internet Facts & Stats.
  51. Communications Decency Act of 1996", a United States Federal Law, Title V of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, Pub.L. 104104.
  52. 230. Protection for Private Blocking and Screening of Offensive Material.
  53. Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act, 17 U.S.C.512.
  54. Internet World Stats.
  55. Internet Users Graphs.
  56. Number of Internet Users by Language.
  57. Usage of Content Languages for Websites.
  58. Special Report: The Telecom Consumer.
  59. Internet Crime Report | IC3.gov.
  60. Cisco Annual Internet Report (20182023).
  61. Report on World Internet Development
  62. Individuals Using the Internet 2005 to 2014.
  63. Percentage of Individuals using the Internet 2000-2012.
  64. There Are Now 3 Billion Internet Users, Mostly in Rich Countries.
  65. Timeline & History of the Internet in Asia and the Pacific.
  66. Roads and Crossroads of Internet History.
  67. Internet Censorship.
  68. Electronic Frontier Foundation.
  69. Internet Regulation and the Role of International Law.
  70. A Brief History of Internet Regulation.
  71. Content Regulation in the Digital Age.
  72. Internet Law and Policy.
  73. Illegal and Harmful Content on the Internet.
  74. California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).
  75. The Internet and Public Policy: Challenges and Policy Considerations for State Regulation.
  76. Enemies of the Internet: Entities at the Heart of Censorship and Surveillance.
  77. Enemies of the Internet Report
  78. The Difference Between the Internet and the World Wide Web.
  79. Internet Access and Digital Holdings in Libraries.
  80. A Technical History of CYCLADES" (Technical Histories of the Internet & other Network Protocols)
  81. NSFNET: A Partnership for High-Speed Networking, Final Report 1987-1995.
  82. Events in British Telecomms History.
  83. Celebrating 40 Years of the Net.
  84. Information Age.
  85. Globalization, Informatization, and Intercultural Communication.
  86. The Information Age: An Anthology on Its Impact and Consequences
  87. Understanding Information Age Warfare.
  88. Information Age Transformation.
  89. The Unintended Consequences of Information Age Technologies.
  90. Technology and Workforce: Comparison Between the Information Revolution and the Industrial Revolution.
  91. The World's Technological Capacity to Store, Communicate, and Compute Information | NIH
  92. The World's Technological Capacity to Store, Communicate, and Compute Information.
  93. The Size and Growth Rate of the Internet.
  94. E-commerce Will Make the Shopping Mall a Retail Wasteland.
  95. The Largest Internet Companies.
  96. Computers and Internet.
  97. Future of the Internet.
  98. Shaping the Internet's Future.
  99. Policy Recommendations: Internet Freedom
  100. New Internet Laws US Privacy Laws
  101. Open Internet Order | FCC
  102. FCC: Preserving the Open Internet - Final Rule
  103. The Future of Internet Regulation | UC Davis Law Review
  104. Online Content Regulation | Facebook
  105. The Internet: Global Evolution and Challenges.
  106. Legislation and Court Cases Pertaining to Online Censorship.
  107. Public Deliberation On the Web: A Habermasian Inquiry Into Online Discourse.
  108. Scaling Phenomena in the Internet: Critically Examining Criticality | PNAS
  109. The Role of the Internet in Democratic Transition: Case Study of the Arab Spring.
  110. Wired and Shrewd, Young Egyptians Guide Revolt.
  111. Internet Eavesdropping: A Brave New World of Wiretapping.
  112. The Unsettling Rise of Internet Censorship Around the World.
  113. A Map of Internet Censorship Around the World.
  114. Facts About the Internet.
  115. Internet in China.
  116. China Defends Internet Censorship
  117. The Great Firewall of China
  118. Analyzing the Great Firewall of China Over Space and Time
  119. Ignoring the Great Firewall of China
  120. Chinese Learn to Leap the 'Great Firewall'.
  121. Timeline: China and Net Censorship.
  122. US Companies Help Censor the Internet in China, Too.
  123. China's Global Reach: Surveillance and Censorship Beyond ...
  124. Internet Censorship in South Korea.
  125. Internet in North Korea.
  126. Internet Censorship in Singapore.
  127. Internet Censorship in Iran.
  128. Internet Censorship in Thailand.
  129. Internet Censorship by Country.
  130. Global Internet Report Internet Society
  131. The Internet and World Wide Web
  132. World Internet Users and Population Stats
  133. Collection of Social Network Stats.
  134. Gamings Biggest Trends of the Past Decade | Polygon.
  135. An Internet History Timeline: From the 1960s to Now (jefferson.edu).
  136. Social Networks Use, Loneliness and Academic Performance among University Students.
  137. Book Review: The Internet Is Not the Answer by Andrew Keen.
  138. Total World Population: 1950 to 2050 Statistics.
  139. 6 Steps to IPv6.
  140. 10 Top Countries with the Most Heavily Censored Internet.
  141. 21 Facts About the Internet.
  142. 40 Maps that Explain the Internet.

Useful Guides & Tips

  1. Internet Speed Test: At&T | Cox | CenturyLink | Comcast | Fast (NetFlix) | Internet Health Test | Speedcheck | Speakeasy | Speedsmart | Speedof | Speedtest | Spectrum | Testmy | Verizon | xfinity |
  2. Tools to check if a website is blocked in China - Chinese Firewall Test
  3. Securing PDFs with Passwords
  4. Internet Data Calculator
  5. Best free Email providers
  6. Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)
  7. Always check that you are at an https:// site (secure site identified by the s after https) before entering Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or financial information. PII refers to information that can be used to uniquely identify, contact, or locate a single person or can be used with other sources to uniquely identify a single individual.
  8. Getting your money back after a tech support scam.
  9. FTC Combats Tech Support Scams.
  10. If you see a pop-up requesting to click or call for tech support services,
    • Dont give access to your computer to anyone who contacts you.
    • Never give your credit card or financial information or your passwords to anyone who calls asking for them.
    • Hang up on anyone who pressures you to pay for a computer security product or service. If you have concerns about your computers security, call a reputable computer security company using a number you know is really theirs. If you need to check a company out, search its name online with words like review, complaint, or scam.
  11. Always read a web site's privacy policy before giving any personal information. Also make sure that a web site offers a secure connection before giving credit-card information.
  12. Do NOT put photos of yourself or give out your real full name, date of birth, social security number, bank account numbers, credit card number, addresses, phone numbers, schools, or other personal information online for the public view
  13. If you receive a warning that a certificate is not signed or is invalid, close the window, and do not continue to the website.
  14. Be careful and limit to use hotel or other public computers to check your emails, make financial transactions or login to your company's network. There is an extremely high probability that they contain keystroke loggers or other malware and can record the sites you visit, your login ID and passwords.
  15. Be careful and limit to use public wireless access points to connect to your company's network. Because they are public, they are not encrypted or secure. When you use public wireless access points, others can access your computer to install malware or simply record everything you send over the wireless connection.
  16. Clear temporary Internet files in your computer regularly.
  17. Make sure your browser is set to prompt you before installation of cookies on your computer and then clear cookies regularly.
  18. Save downloads or e-mail attachments and scan them before opening them.
  19. Verify that the protection program installed in your computer covers anti-adware, anti-spyware and enabled blocked pop-up programs.
  20. Use anti-malware programs that provide website warnings and safety before surfing. Avoid web surfing to non-green or questionable sites.
  21. Be aware that spyware can masquerade as antispyware software. For example, Lavasofts Ad-Aware is a valid anti-spyware tool, but A-daware and Ada-ware are reportedly imposters.
  22. If downloading a program, type in the URL instead of clicking on it. You can check URLs by right-clicking to see if the properties show the link correctly.
  23. Nothing is free on the Internet.
  24. Reject offers of free screen savers or pop-up ads offer. Use ALT+F4 to close the pop-up instead of clicking the X or Close buttons.
  25. Dont respond to pop-up boxes that tell you about a great deal, or that you've won something. Use ALT+F4 to close the pop-up.
  26. Do not forward unsolicited bulk e-mails to friends. This is the most common way of distributing malware.
  27. Do not download software from gaming, music, or pornographic sites; they almost always contain spyware, adware or scumware.
  28. When using the Internet to purchase a product, be sure to carefully read the terms and conditions of sales transactions.
  29. Be sure to review credit and debit card statements after making a purchase on the Internet. If an authorized charge was made, try to resolve disputes with the merchant, contact immediately the card issuer to request a chargeback, and report the issues to the Better Business Bureau and the FTC.
Useful Internet Guides, Tips & Advice
  1. Complete Internet Guide for Beginners
  2. Internet 101: Beginners Quick Reference Guide
  3. The Beginner's Guide to the Internet Underground
  4. First Click Beginners Guide
  5. Generations of Internet (Past, Present and Future)
  6. An Insider's Guide to the Internet
  7. User's Guide to the Internet
  8. Industrial Engineering Internet Resource Guide
  9. Identity Smart: A Guide for Consumers to Help Protect Against Identity Theft
  10. A Helpful Online Safety Guide for People With Autism Spectrum Disorders.
  11. Ultimate Guide to Creating a Social Media Campaign
  12. Instagram Guide and Tips for Beginners
  13. Your Guide to Using Instagram for Business: 7 Helpful Tips
  14. The Ultimate Guide to Creating Engaging Instagram Carousels
  15. The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Instagram
  16. Ultimate Guide to Instagram Hashtags: Everything You Need to Know (2022)
  17. Instagram Guides: Everything You Need to Know
  18. Instagram Reels: The Ultimate Guide (2022)
  19. Instagram Stories: The Complete Guide to Creating Standout Stories
  20. A Beginner's Guide to Instagram, the Wildly Popular Photo-Sharing App with over a Billion Users
  21. Guidelines for Password Management
  22. Internet Safety Guide for Seniors | Vpnsmash
  23. Internet Safety Guide for Seniors
  24. The Ultimate Internet Safety Guide for Seniors
  25. The Ultimate Internet Safety Guide for Seniors | Safety Detectives
  26. Detail Guide on Online Safety for Seniors: How to Keep Yourself Protected?
  27. An Incredibly Massive Internet Safety Guide for Seniors
  28. The Ultimate Guide to Staying Safe from Phishing
  29. Your Guide to Social Networking Online
  30. Internet Quick Guide
  31. Internet Tips
  32. Internet Safety Tips to Stay Safe Online
  33. Safe Internet Use and Online Safety
  34. Everyday Internet Safety Tips
  35. Tips for Using the Internet
  36. Tips for Improving Internet Speeds
  37. Tips to Evaluate Internet Resources
  38. Evaluating Internet Resources.
  39. Essential Tips to Avoid Getting Hacked
  40. A Hacker's Tips for Protecting Your Digital Privacy
  41. Keeping Seniors Safe Online
  42. Internet Safety for Seniors - Elderly Scams
  43. Predators & Trafficking 101 - Internet Safety
  44. 5 Easy Steps to Stay Safe (and Private!) on Facebook.
  45. 6 Tips to Protect Your Search Privacy
  46. 6 Expert Tips to Avoid Getting Hacked
  47. 6 Key Tips for Keeping Hackers Out of Your Smart Home
  48. 7 Safety Tips from Hackers
  49. 10 Things to Do Immediately After Your Identity Is Stolen
  50. 10 Top Tips for Using the Internet
  51. 10 Top Internet Tips and Tricks
  52. 10 Top Internet Safety Rules
  53. 10 Top Tips for Identity Theft Protection
  54. 10 Tips to Stay Safe Online | McAfee
  55. 10 Tips to Stay Safe Online
  56. 10 Tips to Share Information More Effectively
  57. 10 Tips for Smarter, More Efficient Internet Searching
  58. 10 Ways to Prevent Identity Theft - ID Theft Prevention Guide
  59. 15 Awesome, Useful InternetTricks
  60. 15 Tips to Stop Facebook & Email Hackers Ruining Your Day
  61. 18 Tips to Improve Your Instagram Marketing Strategy
  62. 21 Essential and Fun WhatsApp Tricks and Tips
  63. 31 Instagram Features, Hacks, & Tips Everyone Should Know About
  64. 45 Secret WhatsApp Tips and Tricks
Websites Visibility: Guides, Tips & Best Practices
  1. To have a quality website, the essential steps should include
    • Improve SEO: Implementing SEO best practices can help improve the websites visibility on search engines. This includes optimizing meta tags, improving site speed, creating high-quality content, and building backlinks.
    • User Experience: Ensuring the website is user-friendly and easy to navigate can enhance the user experience. This includes having a clean design, intuitive navigation, and ensuring the website is mobile-friendly.
    • Content Quality: Regularly updating the website with high-quality, relevant content can help attract and retain users. This could include blog posts, articles, videos, infographics, etc., related to the topics covered on the website.
    • Social Media Presence: Having a strong social media presence can help increase traffic to the website. This includes regularly posting engaging content and interacting with followers.
    • Analytics: Using tools like Google Analytics can provide valuable insights into user behavior, which can be used to make data-driven decisions to improve the website.
    • Security: Ensuring the website is secure can help build trust with users. This includes having an SSL certificate and regularly updating the websites software.
  2. Web Performance and SEO Best Practices and Guidelines
  3. Beginner's Guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  4. SEO Best Practices: Tips to Improve Google Rankings
  5. SEO Best Practices: Ways to Boost Organic Rankings & Traffic
  6. WordPress SEO: Optimization Tips, Best Practices, and SEO Plugins
  7. Increasing a Sites Visibility to Search Engines
  8. Website Visibility Tips to Boost Your Online Presence
  9. Strategies for Increasing Your Website's Visibility
  10. 5 Ways to Improve a Website's Ranking
  11. 6 Simple Ways to Make your Site More Visible in Google Search Results
  12. 8 Proven Techniques to Improve a Website Visibility
  13. 9 SEO Best Practices for Stronger Organic Traffic
  14. 12 SEO Tips for Better Visibility and Higher Traffic
  15. 15 Ways to Make a Website More Visible
Internet Info, Facts, Guide & Tips for Children & Teens
  1. Managing Screen Time & Media for Teens and Tweens
  2. Growing Up in a Connected World
  3. Cyberbullying Statistics
  4. Cyberbullying: The New Online Crime
  5. Dealing with Cyberbullying: Tips for Kids and Parents to Prevent and Stop Cyberbullying
  6. Guide to Cyberbullying: Awareness and Prevention
  7. The Impact of Internet Use for Students
  8. In-Depth Guide to Internet Safety for Kids & Students
  9. Student Guide to Internet Safety
  10. A Students Guide to Using Social Media Safely
  11. Common Sense Internet for Safety High School
  12. Internet Safety - Grade Level 3 to 5
  13. Talking to Kids About Healthy Internet Use
  14. Safety and Security on the Internet Challenges and Advances in Member States
  15. Internet, Mobile Phones, and Texting Safety Tips for Kids
  16. Monitoring Your Child's Internet Activities
  17. Children and Online Risks: Global Statistics
  18. Protecting Children Online | UNICEF
  19. Growing Up in a Connected World: Understanding Childrens Risks and Opportunities in a Digital Age
  20. The Ultimate Parent Guide for Protecting Your Child on the Internet (2021)
  21. The Ultimate Guide to Internet Safety for Parents
  22. The Ultimate Guide to Internet Safety
  23. The Ultimate Parent Guide for Protecting Your Child Online
  24. Guide to Internet Safety
  25. A Guide to Internet Safety - Cyber
  26. Be Internet Awesome - A Program to Teach Kids Online Safety
  27. Internet Use in Children
  28. Children and the Internet
  29. Childrens Internet Access at Home
  30. Children and Internet Use: Social, Psychological and Academic Consequences for Low-Income Children.
  31. Childrens Online Privacy Protection Rule | FTC
  32. Children and Screen Time: How Much Is Too Much?
  33. Kids' Rules for Online Safety
  34. Keeping Your Kids Safe Online.
  35. Keeping Children Safe Online | NSPCC
  36. Keeping Children Safe Online | justice.gov
  37. The Impact of Computer Use on Children's and Adolescents' Development
  38. Internet, Mobile Phones, and Texting Safety Tips for Kids
  39. Internet Safety Resource Guide
  40. Internet Safety Tips for Kids
  41. Internet Safety (for Parents)
  42. Internet Safety for Kids | kidshealth.org
  43. Internet Safety for Kids | CyberWise
  44. Internet Safety for Kids
  45. Internet Safety for Kids | Norton
  46. Internet Safety for Kids: A Complete Guide for Modern Parents
  47. Internet Safety for Kids | Consumer Notice
  48. Internet Safety Guide for Kids | Safewise
  49. Internet Safety Guide for Kids
  50. Internet Safety Guide: What Parents Should Know
  51. Internet Safety for Children 6-8 Years
  52. Internet Safety for Kids & Teens
  53. Internet Safety Guide for Teens
  54. Internet Safety Education for Teens: Getting It Right
  55. Internet Safety Teens & Tweens
  56. Online Teen Safety Guide
  57. Teen Safety in Cyberspace
  58. Teen Internet Safety Guide
  59. Teens 14+ Online Safety Advice
  60. Internet Safety Tips for Children and Teens.
  61. Youth Internet Safety: Risks, Responses, and Research Recommendations
  62. Impact of Social Media on Children, Adolescents and Families
  63. Healthy Digital Citizens: Helping Kids Stay Active & Safe in the Internet Age
  64. Social Media Safety for Kids
  65. Basic Internet Safety Tips for Parents and Youth
  66. Parents and Carers | UK Safer Internet Centre
  67. The Parents' Guide to Teaching Your Teen Online Safety
  68. The Parents Guide to Internet Safety, Security and Screen Time for Kids
  69. A Parents' Guide to Snapchat
  70. A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety | FBI
  71. A Parents Guide to Streaming Services
  72. Parent's Guide to Internet Safety
  73. Parents Guide to Internet Safety: Keeping Your Child Safe Online
  74. Computer and Internet Use by Children and Adolescents.
  75. 5 Internet Safety Tips for Tweens & Teens
  76. 5 Tips to Keep Your Kids and Family Safe
  77. 8 Tips for Protecting Children and Teens Online
  78. 15 Facts About Internet Safety for Parents
  79. 17 Rules to Protect My Child Online
  80. 100 Internet Safety Tips for Parents-Parenting Advice.

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  20. Web Design Software for Designers and Developers
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  22. JavaScript Absolute Beginner's Guide
  23. JavaScript a Beginners Guide | McGraw Hill
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