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  1. How to Care for Lilies in a Vase
  2. How to Care for Tulips
  3. Preserving Fresh Flowers
  4. How to Keep Flowers Fresh Longer
  5. General Care For Fresh Cut Flowers and Arrangements
  6. How to Keep a Rose Bouquet Fresh and Beautiful
  7. 3 Easy Ways to Care for Flowers (with Pictures)
  8. How to Keep Roses Fresh: 13 Steps (with Pictures)
  9. What Can Keep Freshly Cut Roses in a Vase From Wilting? (Video)
  10. Caring for Cut Roses
  11. 6 Secrets to Growing Roses
  12. Prolonging the Vase Life of Cut Roses
  13. How to Keep Roses Fresh & Maximize Vase Life
  14. Taking Care of Cutting Roses to Make Them Last Longer
  15. How to Care for Your Flowers
  16. Mixed Bouquet Care Tips
  17. How to Make Flowers Last Longer: 8 Pro Tricks | Reader's Digest
  18. How to Care for Fresh Flowers So They Last Longer
  19. Fresh Cut Flower Care and Handling, Make Flowers Last Longer
  20. 8 Tips to Make Cut Flowers Last Longer
  21. Flower Garden and Gardening Care and Tips
  22. FAQs -- Flower Care
  23. 101 Flower Arrangement Tips, Tricks, & Ideas for Beginners
  24. 10 Secrets For Extending The Life of Cut Flowers
  25. Flower Care Tips
  26. Flower Gift Ideas For All Occasions
  27. Unique Flower Gifts, Gifts for Flower Lovers
  28. Flower Gift Giving Tips
  29. Birthday Flowers & Gift Ideas for Her
  30. 10 Flower Arranging Tips | Make Flowers Last Longer
  31. 8 Interesting But Real Facts About Gifts
  32. 23 Surprising Facts about Gift Giving
  33. 61 Tips on Gift Giving
  34. 10 Tips To Master The Art Of Gift Giving
  35. Gift Giving Tips and Advice
  36. 3 Tips For Buying A Gift | How To Give The Perfect Gifts
  37. 2017 Perfect Gift Ideas - Find the Best Birthday and Christmas Gifts
  38. 58 DIY Homemade Christmas Gifts
  39. Holiday Tips vs. Holiday Gifts
  40. Five Christmas Tips to Help You Save Money on Gifts
  41. Gifts and Tips for Gift-Giving
  42. 12 Tips for Giving on a Tight Budget
  43. Gift Guides - Gift Advice & Tips for Birthdays, Weddings & More
  44. Facts about Flowers
  45. Flowers with a History
  46. Listen to What Your Plants Have to Say
  47. Cartier’s Roses Bloom Eternal
  48. How to Make Orchids Re-bloom
  49. Gifts and Tips
  50. Tips for Traveling with Gifts
  51. Social Tips for Giving and Receiving Gifts
  52. Bridal Shower Gift Giving Tips
  53. Bridesmaid Gift Shopping Tips & Etiquette
  54. Wedding Gifts and Registry Tips
  55. Tips from IRS for Year-End Gifts to Charity
  56. 4 Simple Tips to Wrap Gifts Like a Pro
  57. About Flowers - Flower Myth of van Gogh
  58. Kardashian Roses Set Trend
  59. How to Tie-dye Roses
  60. Flower Meanings - Why Roses? - Flowers with History
  61. Every Flower Has a Special Meaning: What Does Your Favorite Flower Stand for?
  62. Flower Color - Flower Dictionary & more...
  63. The Language of Flowers & more...
  64. Flowers for Wedding - Rare Flowers
  65. The Largest Flower - National Flowers
  66. World's Most Expensive Watches
  67. Valentine's Gifts: Top 10 Expensive & Popular
  68. Father's Day Fun Facts & Gift Ideas
  69. Why Do We Give Gifts at Christmas?
  70. The Best Christmas Gifts of 2015
  71. Top 50 Best Christmas Gift Ideas: The Heavy Power List
  72. Sunflowers Are Striking Fall Flowers

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Flower Expressions



  • Bachelor button – hope of love; celibacy; blessedness; single blessedness
  • Basil – good wishes; success in love
  • Bay leaves - faithfulness; glory
  • Black-eyed Susan - justice
  • Bittersweet – truth
  • Blossoms of fruit, almond – hope
  • Blossoms of fruit, apple – admiration
  • Blossoms of fruit, cherry – spiritual beauty
  • Blossoms of fruit, orange – purity, fertility, loveliness
  • Blossoms of fruit, peace -- captivated
  • Bluebell – sad regret; constancy
  • Buttercup – money



  • Daffodil – unreturned love; innocence; regard
  • Dahlia – elegance
  • Daisy – share your feelings; hope
  • Daisy, white - innocence
  • Dandelion – Coquetry
  • Dill – powerful against evil
  • Dock – patience
  • Dogwood – love in spite of adversity






  • Iris – a compliment; a message
  • Ivy – fidelity, friendship, marriage; continuity








  • Rhododendron – warning
  • Rose of any color – love
  • Rose burgundy – unconscious beauty
  • Rose cabbage – ambassador of love
  • Rose Carolina – dangerous love
  • Rose Christmas – tranquility
  • Rose, coral – friendship; modesty, sympathy
  • Rose, dog – pleasure and pain
  • Rose, lancaster – union
  • Rose, may – precocity
  • Rose, musk – capricious beauty
  • Rose, moss – voluptuousness
  • Rose, red – love, desire
  • Rose, dark red – admiration; deep or passionate love; unconscious beauty
  • Rose, full bloom – engagement
  • Rose, half bloom – timid love
  • Rose, lavender – love at first sight
  • Rose, pink - happiness; grace; happiness; gentleness
  • Rose, pompon - gentility
  • Rose, orange - desire and enthusiasm
  • Rose, white – worthiness; purity; innocence; reverence; silence
  • Rose, yellow – jealousy; Unfaithfulness; joy; friendship; the promise of a new beginning
  • Rose, thornless – love at first sight
  • Rose, bridal – happy love
  • Roses, red and white together - unity
  • Rosebud, red – pure and lovely; youth; beauty
  • Rosebud, moss – confessions of love
  • Rosebud, white – girlhood
  • Rosemary – remembrance; commitment; fidelity
  • Rue – grace, clear vision






  • Yarrow – cure for heartache; everlasting love


  • Zinnia – thoughts of absent friends; absent love

Did You Know?

Most Popular Flowers
Alstroemeria Aster Calendula Carnation Chrysanthemums
Daisy Dahlia Geum Gladiolus Holly
Lily Rose Orchid Poinsettia Queen Anne's Lace
Snapdragons Sunflower Tulip Violet Amaranth
Amaryllis Anemone Anthurium Baby's Breath Bells of Ireland
Bird of Paradise Bupleurum Calla Carnation Gomphrena
Coxcomb Curly Willow Daffodil Dahlia Delphinium
Eremurus Freesia Gladiolu Ericaceae Heliconia
Liatris Limonium Gardenia Gerbera Ginger
Gladiolus Ericaceae Heliconia Hyacinth Hydrangea
Hypericum Irises Kangaroo Paw Larkspur Leptospermumr
Lisianthus Narcissus Pyrus Calleryana Peony Poinsettia
Protea Quince Ranunculus Statice Stephanotis
Stock Viburnum Waxflower Snapdragon Goldenrod

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