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  1. List of Flower A to Z
  2. List of Amazing Sea Plants
  3. List of Orange Flowers to Grow
  4. List of Flowers That Can Express Romantic Emotions
  5. List of the Best Red Flowers for Your Garden
  6. List of Flowers That Can Express Romantic Emotions
  7. A Complete List of Asian Flowers with Spellbinding Pictures
  8. Beautiful Rare Flowers
  9. Beautiful Red Flowers with Stunning Color
  10. Beautiful Spring Flowers Around the World (Slideshow)
  11. Meanings of Flowers
  12. Meaning of Flowers - Flower Meanings & Pictures
  13. Meaning of Flowers at Funerals in Different Cultures
  14. Meaning of Flowers - Language of Flowers
  15. Meanings of Traditional Funeral & Sympathy Flowers
  16. The Meaning of Specific Flowers
  17. The Meaning of Different Chinese Flowers
  18. The Meaning Behind 8 Different Types of Popular Funeral
  19. The Meaning Behind Your Chosen Wedding Flowers
  20. The Language of Flowers
  21. The Language of Flowers & Meaning
  22. Arranging Flowers
  23. Decorating with Flowers
  24. Flower Meanings
  25. Flower Meanings | almanac
  26. Flower Glossary
  27. Flower Names - Common and Botanical List With Pictures
  28. Flower Color - Flower Dictionary & Symbolism
  29. Flower Facts
  30. Flower Care
  31. Flower Names by Color - Flower Names, Red Flowers, Flowers
  32. Flowers and Flowering Plants
  33. Flowers in Vietnam
  34. Flowers in Japan
  35. Flowers Under the Sea High Res Stock Images | Shutterstock
  36. Flowers and Art
  37. Flowers and Personalities
  38. Flowers for Different Occasions
  39. Flowers as Gift
  40. Flowers of the Sea: Photos Reveal Beautiful Anemone
  41. Flowers to Give on Different Occasions
  42. Floral Library
  43. The Simple Truth: We Can't Live Without Them
  44. Tricks to Make Cut Flowers Last Longer
  45. Cut Flower Care
  46. Cut Flowers: Cutting and Conditioning
  47. Cutting Zinnia Flowers
  48. Keeping Cut Flowers Fresh
  49. Caring for Cut Roses
  50. General Care for Fresh Cut Flowers and Arrangements
  51. The Care and Handling of Cut Flowers
  52. Underwater Flowers | Pinterest
  53. Undersea Flowers, Plants & Life
  54. Stunning Underwater Plants and Sea Life on the Ocean Floor
  55. Forest Wildflowers - Pink/Red/Purple
  56. Wild Spring Flowers in Europe.
  57. Wildflowers (U.S. National Park Service)
  58. Wildflower Database
  59. Wildflower Hot Spots of the Eastern Sierra
  60. Death Valley Wildflower
  61. Angiosperm Flower - Description, Evolution, Characteristics ...
  62. Anther Flower
  63. Periwinkle (Vinca Minor) Flower
  64. Cauliflower
  65. Top Orange Annual Flowers for Your Garden
  66. Top Red Annual Flowers for Your Garden
  67. Most Appreciated Flowers in China
  68. Most Popular Flower Types (with Pictures)
  69. The South's Most Iconic Flowers | Southern Living.
  70. The Most Beautiful Flowers in the World
  71. The Most Beautiful Flowers in the World | Verdissimo.
  72. The Most Beautiful Flower Fields to Visit in the U.S.
  73. The Most Beautiful Flower Fields in the USA.
  74. The Most Popular Flowers in America by State.
  75. The Best Salt Resistant Plants to Grow in Your Garden
  76. The UK's Best Plants with Orange Flowers.
  77. The Netherlands' Huge Flower Sector Wilts as Coronavirus
  78. Rare Flowers
  79. Rare Flowers that Are Absolutely Beautiful (with Pictures).
  80. Discover the Most Beautiful Japanese Flower Names and their Meanings
  81. Names of Asian Flowers
  82. The National Flowers of Southeast Asian Nations
  83. Beyond Cherry Blossoms: Flower Viewing in Japan
  84. Hanakotoba: The Secret Meanings Behind 9 Flowers in Japan
  85. Chinese Flowers – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors
  86. Bloom or Bust: Flower Industry Struggles with the Coronavirus
  87. Red Flowers in Your Plant Selection
  88. Bridal Bouquet – Symbolic Meaning of Flowers
  89. Wedding Flowers & Bouquet Ideas
  90. Wedding Flowers: Customs & Traditions
  91. Ordering Flowers Online
  92. Pink Flowers - Types & Pictures
  93. All About Roses
  94. Facts About Flowers
  95. Rose Color Meanings.
  96. Rose Flower Meanings.
  97. Rose Flower Meaning and Symbolism.
  98. Roses and Their Meaning.
  99. Prolonging the Vase Life of Cut Roses
  100. Taking Care of Cutting Roses to Make Them Last Longer
  101. Growing and Caring for Roses
  102. Tulip Meaning and Symbolism
  103. Tulip Types
  104. Types of Tulips
  105. Types of Pink Flowers with Name and Picture
  106. Types of Red Flowers
  107. Types of Red Flowers, and Meanings
  108. Types of Roses: A Visual Compendium.
  109. Types of Flowers
  110. Types of Flowers with Pictures | HGTV
  111. Types of Orange Flowers: Stunning Orange Flowering Plants
  112. Types of Japanese Flowers (Hanakotoba) - Names, Meaning and Pictures
  113. Different Types of Orange Flowers
  114. The Many Colors of Tulips and Their Meanings
  115. Symbolic Meaning of the Tulip
  116. Sunflower Meaning, Types and Uses
  117. Sunflower Meaning and Symbolism
  118. Sunflowers: Meaning, Care & Symbolism
  119. Sunflower Meaning and Symbolism
  120. Symbolic Meaning of Carnation
  121. About Flowers - Flower Myth of van Gogh
  122. Kardashian Roses Set Trend
  123. The Largest Flower - National Flowers
  124. Get Sassy with Sunflowers
  125. Listen to What Your Plants Have to Say
  126. Cartier's Roses Bloom Eternal
  127. Birthday Flowers for Her
  128. Funeral Flower Meanings: Meaning Behind Flower Colors
  129. Impress Your Families With These Funeral Flower Facts
  130. The Positive Effects of Flowers
  131. The Effects Flowers Have on Your Mood
  132. Women Genuinely Like Flowers - The Effect of Flowers to Women's Emotions
  133. The Power of Flowers: Studies Link Flowers With Emotional Health
  134. People Are Like Flowers: They Can Bloom Beautifully
  135. 3 Best Online Flower Delivery Services (2022)
  136. 3 Reasons to Send Flowers to Someone You Love
  137. 4 Reasons You Should Have Flowers at Home
  138. 5 Reasons Women Love and Deserve Flowers (Even If They Die Anyway)
  139. 5 Easy Tricks to Keep Cut Flowers Fresh Longer
  140. 5 Ways to Get People into Your Flower Shop
  141. 6 Secrets to Growing Roses
  142. 6 Best Valentine's Day Flower Delivery Services
  143. 6 Most Important Chinese Flowers in Asian Culture
  144. 7 Reasons People Like Flowers
  145. 8 Places to See America's Most Beautiful Spring Flowers
  146. 8 Best Reasons to Send Flowers to Your Loved Ones
  147. 8 Biggest Mistakes You Make With Fresh Cut Flowers
  148. 10 Beautiful Japanese Flowers and Their Meanings
  149. 10 Flowers You Can Only Find in Japan
  150. 10 Famous Flowers in China
  151. 10 Top Flowers in Chinese Culture
  152. 10 Top Chinese Flowers in Chinese Culture
  153. 10 Top Flowers in Chinese Culture
  154. 10 Top Cut Flowers to Grow at Home
  155. 10 Top Facts About Daisies
  156. 10 Top Most Beautiful Flowers in the World
  157. 10 Most Romantic Flowers
  158. 10 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World
  159. 10 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World | MyDomaine
  160. 10 Most Beautiful Japanese Flowers
  161. 10 Most Significant Flowers in China
  162. 10 Most Important Flowers in Chinese Tradition
  163. 10 Most Interesting Flowers and Facts
  164. 10 Incredibly Rare Flowers (video)
  165. 10 Mind-Blowing Flower Facts
  166. 10 Stinky Facts About Corpse Flowers
  167. 10 Best Red Perennials for Your Garden
  168. 10 Fun Facts About Poinsettias
  169. 10 Amazing Facts About Flowers
  170. 10 Colorful & Classic Easter Flower Bouquets
  171. 10 Secrets for Extending the Life of Cut Flowers
  172. 11 Facts About New Zealand's National Flower
  173. 11 African Flowers With Pictures
  174. 11 Beautiful Flowers and Plants Native to Thailand
  175. 12 Chinese Flowers and Their Cultural Meanings
  176. 12 Amazing Facts About Flowers
  177. 12 Beautiful Thanksgiving Flower Centerpieces
  178. 15 Top Amazing Orange Flowers with Pictures
  179. 15 Most Beautiful Flowers
  180. 15 Japanese Flower Meanings and Where to Find Them
  181. 15 Beautiful Flowers and Plants Native to Malaysia
  182. 15 Eye-Popping Sunflower Varieties
  183. 15 Different Types of Sunflowers.
  184. 15 Types of Holly Bushes
  185. 16 Types of Summer Flowers in India (with Pictures).
  186. 18 Flowers That Mean Death or Mourning
  187. 19 Remarkably Surprising Facts About Flowers
  188. 20 Different Types of Holly Bushes (with Photos)
  189. 20 Most Beautiful Flowers You'll Ever See
  190. 20 Top Most Beautiful Flowers in the World
  191. 20 Top Spring-Flowering Bulbs
  192. 20 Perfect Flowers for Cutting Gardens
  193. 20 Summer Bulbs: The Best Summer-Flowering Bulbs
  194. 20 Amazing Plants and Flowers (video)
  195. 20 Types of Orange Flowers
  196. 22 Types of Orange Flowers + Pictures
  197. 23 Best African Flowers and Pictures
  198. 23 Best Flower Facts Images
  199. 25 Fun Facts About Flowers
  200. 25 Most Beautiful Red Flowers
  201. 25 Favorite Christmas Flowers, Wreaths and Mini Trees
  202. 25 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World (video)
  203. 25+ Pretty Pink Flowers with Names and Pictures (Light, Bright, Small, Big)
  204. 27 Types of Orange Flowers
  205. 30 Different Types of Orange Flowers (A-Z)
  206. 30 Pretty Flower Images
  207. 30 of the Prettiest Water-Loving Flowers
  208. 35 Amazing Facts About Flower
  209. 36 Royal Wedding Bouquets Throughout History
  210. 36+ Different Types of Orange Flowers With Names & Pictures
  211. 50 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World
  212. 50 Flowers with Surprising Meanings
  213. 50 Flower Quotes and Puns to Make Your Loved One Smile
  214. 55 Best Types of Flowers
  215. 56 Top Types of Beautiful Red Flowering Plants
  216. 60 Mind Blowing Facts About Flowers from Around the World
  217. 65 Pictures of Most Beautiful Flowers in the World
  218. 75 Types of Colorful Flowers with Pictures
  219. 80 Most Popular Flowers
  220. 80 Quotes About Flowers to Freshen Your Day
  221. 151 Types of Flowers
  222. 200+ Best Flower Images
  223. 300 Flower Names and Types (with Pictures)
  224. 300+ Best Orange Flowers Images
  225. 500+ Best Flower Names A to Z Images
  226. 200,000+ Best Beautiful Flowers Photos

▷ History, Guides & Tips
  1. The Origins and History of Gift Giving
  2. A Brief History of Throwing the Bridal Bouquet
  3. A Brief History of the Bridal Bouquet
  4. A Brief History of Flower Bouquet Types
  5. A Long History of Sympathy and Funeral Flowers
  6. The History of Funeral Flowers
  7. The History of Flowers at Funerals
  8. The History and Traditions Behind Funeral Flowers
  9. The History, Value and Benefit of Funeral Flowers
  10. The History of Pressed Flowers
  11. The History of Gift Giving
  12. The History of the Bridal Bouquet
  13. History of Wedding Flowers | lovetoknow
  14. History of Wedding Flowers
  15. History of Christmas Gifts
  16. History of Gift Baskets
  17. History and Meaning of Tulips
  18. History and Meaning of Sunflowers
  19. Chrysanthemums: History and Flower Forms
  20. The Fascinating History of Funeral Wreaths: Scent and Violet
  21. Flowers with a History
  22. Flowers and History
  23. Best Gifts for History Buffs
  24. Gifts for the History Buff in Your Life
  25. Ultimate Guide to Tulip Flower Meanings and Symbolism
  26. A Guide to Indian Blooms - Flower Types and Uses
  27. A Quick Guide on Caring for Flowers
  28. The Definitive Guide to Funeral Flowers
  29. Types of Tulips: A Visual Guide
  30. African Flowers Guide
  31. Africa Flowers Guide | Kruger National Park
  32. Wildflower Identification Guide (Pink)
  33. The Different Types of Roses: An Ultimate Guide.
  34. The Complete Rose Color Meanings Guide
  35. A Guy's Guide to Flowers
  36. The Ultimate Guide to Sunflower Meaning and Symbolism
  37. The Ultimate Guide to Rose Flower Meaning & Symbolism
  38. The Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Roses.
  39. The Ultimate Gift-Giving Etiquette Guide
  40. The Ultimate Gift Guide for Creative People
  41. Gift Guides - Gift Advice & Tips for Birthdays, Weddings & More
  42. Guide to the Etiquette of Gifts & Giving
  43. Guide to Gift Giving Around the World - Cultures & Gifting
  44. Guide to Gift-Giving and Etiquette in France
  45. Guide to Gift Giving in Business: Etiquette, Ideas & More
  46. A Guide to Giving Gifts in Japan
  47. A Handy Guide to Gift Flowers for Different Occasions
  48. Gift Guide for Different 'Types' of People
  49. Gifting Guidelines: Understand the Unwritten Rules of Gift-Giving
  50. Holiday Gift Guide
  51. Holiday Gift Guide. | Elle
  52. Holiday Gift Guide: U.S. Destination-Focused Food Baskets
  53. Holiday Gift Guide: All the Gift Ideas You’ll Need
  54. Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for Women
  55. Holiday Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for Men, Women & Kids
  56. Holiday Gift Guide - Shopping Tips, Deals & Sales
  57. Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Hotels for Festive Family Activities This Season
  58. The Christmas Gift Guide
  59. A Thorough Guide for Gift-Giving Etiquette
  60. Etiquette Guidelines for Gift-Giving
  61. Gift-Giving Etiquette: A Brief Guide
  62. Gift Giving Etiquette: Rules & Tips for Proper Gift Giving
  63. Holiday Tech Gift Guide & Ideas
  64. Holiday Tips vs. Holiday Gifts
  65. Gifts and Tips
  66. Gift Giving Tips and Advice
  67. Do I Need to Tip My Wedding Florist?
  68. Summer Care Tips to Treat Your Houseplants
  69. Flower Gift Giving Tips
  70. Tips on Giving Flowers as a Gift.
  71. Tips for Traveling with Gifts
  72. Tips to Care for a Fresh Flower Arrangement
  73. Tips from IRS for Year-End Gifts to Charity
  74. Gift Giving Tips and Advice
  75. Social Tips for Giving and Receiving Gifts
  76. Bridal Shower Gift Giving Tips
  77. Bridesmaid Gift Shopping Tips & Etiquette
  78. Wedding Gifts and Registry Tips
  79. Experts' Tips on Gift Card Etiquette for the Holidays
  80. Natural Rose Care Tips.
  81. Fresh Flower Care Tips for Your Newly Delivered Flowers
  82. Fresh Flower Care Tips
  83. Flower Care Tips - FAQs
  84. Flower Care Tips
  85. Flower Care Tips to Keep Your Cut Flowers Fresh
  86. Flower Garden and Gardening Care and Tips
  87. 4 Simple Tips to Wrap Gifts Like a Pro
  88. 5 Tips for DIY-ing Your Wedding Bouquet
  89. 5 Christmas Tips to Help You Save Money on Gifts
  90. 6 Tips for Growing Amaryllis
  91. 7 Gifts for History Buffs That They Will Remember for All Time
  92. 8 Tips to Make Cut Flowers Last Longer
  93. 9 Tips That Will Guarantee You Find the Perfect Gift for Everyone
  94. 10 Tips to Master the Art of Gift Giving
  95. 10 Easy Tips for Orchid Care
  96. 10 Top Plant Care Tips
  97. 10 Flower Arranging Tips - Make Flowers Last Longer
  98. 11 Gifts for the History Buff
  99. 12 Tips for Giving on a Tight Budget
  100. 15 Brilliant Gifts for History Buffs
  101. 15 of the Greatest Gifts in the History of Presents
  102. 17 Stunning Types of Sunflowers - Facts & Care Guide
  103. 18 Best Gifts for History Buffs (2022)
  104. 20 Best Gifts for History Buffs
  105. 20 Unique Subscription Boxes and Gifts for History Lovers
  106. 21 History Buff Gift Ideas, by a History Geek
  107. 23 Unique Gifts for History Buffs
  108. 25 Incredible and Unique Gifts for History Buffs
  109. 25 Must Have Gifts for History Lovers on Your Holiday Gift List
  110. 26 Types of Pink Flowers - Tips and Pictures
  111. 28 Unique Gifts That Any History Buff Will Treasure)
  112. 30+ of the Best Gifts gor History Buffs
  113. 31 Best Gifts for History Buffs
  114. 38 Best Gifts for History Buffs
  115. 40 Best Gifts for History Lovers (Perfect for Christmas & Birthdays)
  116. 57 Cool Gift Ideas for History Lovers
  117. 61 Tips on Gift Giving
  118. 101 Flower Arrangement Tips, Tricks, & Ideas for Beginners

▷ Gifts
  1. England Gift Giving Customs
  2. Chinese Gift-Giving Etiquette
  3. Chinese Etiquette on Gift Giving & Receiving, Tips & Culture
  4. Analysis of Western and Chinese Gift Giving Etiquette from the Perspective of the Face Theory
  5. An Introduction to Vietnamese Etiquette - the Dos and Don'ts
  6. Filipino Proper Manners and Etiquette
  7. Nigeria - Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette
  8. American Gift-Giving Customs
  9. East vs. West: Gift Giving Culture
  10. Cross Cultural Gift Giving Etiquette
  11. Teacher Holiday Gift Giving Etiquette
  12. The Dos & Don'ts of Giving Fitness Gifts
  13. Am I Obligated to Give My Boss a Holiday Gift?
  14. Company Culture - Gift Giving Etiquette
  15. Holiday Gift Giving Traditions Around the World
  16. Gift: World's Most Expensive Watches
  17. Gift Giving Traditions Around the World
  18. Gift Giving Customs Around the World
  19. Gift Giving Traditions Around the World
  20. Gift Giving Etiquette in the Middle East
  21. Gift Giving Etiquette for Businesses
  22. Gift Ideas for Cool & Unique Gifts
  23. Gift Ideas
  24. Gift Ideas - Unique Gifts for Holidays and Birthdays
  25. Gift Ideas for Teenagers
  26. Gifts for Your Best Friend
  27. Men's Gift Ideas: Birthdays & Holidays
  28. Father's Day Fun Facts & Gift Ideas
  29. Etiquette Rules: Gift Giving, Thank-You Notes
  30. The Etiquette of Gift-Giving in Business
  31. The Etiquette of Gifting: Everything You Need to Know
  32. The Etiquette of Gift-Giving
  33. Business Gift Giving Etiquette and Mistakes to Avoid
  34. Business Etiquette in Spain: Punctuality, Gift giving and CSR
  35. International Business Gift Giving & Business Meeting Etiquette
  36. Flower Gift Ideas for All Occasions
  37. Flowers & Gifts for Your Girlfriend
  38. Birthday Gifts for Friend
  39. Birthday Gifts for Dad
  40. Unique Gifts for Girlfriend
  41. Unique Gifts for Boyfriend
  42. Unique Gifts for Dad
  43. Unique Birthday Gifts for Dads & Father Figures
  44. Meaningful Gift Ideas for Mom
  45. Best Gifts for Bosses
  46. Best Thank You Gift Ideas for Your Boss
  47. Best Friend Gifts for Every Type of Friend
  48. The Best Gifts to Buy for Coworkers, Managers, and Boss
  49. The Best Gifts for Every Type of Boss
  50. The Best Christmas Gifts
  51. The Best Gifts to Buy People During Coronavirus
  52. Ideas for 20th Anniversary Gifts.
  53. International Fun Facts About Gifts
  54. Perfect Gift Ideas
  55. Mother's Day: The Best Gifts for the Mom Who Loves Technology
  56. Find the Best Birthday and Christmas Gifts
  57. Modern Etiquette: Gift the Right Gift
  58. 5 Types of Gift Givers
  59. 5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Coworkers
  60. 5 Ways to Save Money on Christmas Gifts
  61. 5 Types of Gift Givers
  62. 5 Expert Gift Ideas for Finding the Perfect Present
  63. 5 Gift Ideas for Different Types of People
  64. 7 Fun Facts about Holiday Gift-Giving
  65. 8 Interesting But Real Facts About Gifts
  66. 8 Fascinating Facts About Christmas (Gifts) in China
  67. 9 Interesting Facts about Gifts
  68. 9 Gifts for People Who Have Everything
  69. 10 Handmade Leather Goods That Make Great Gifts
  70. 10 Top Most Expensive Handbags: From Hermes to Mouawad
  71. 10 Types of People You Gift
  72. 10 Gifts for Girlfriend That She Actually Wants
  73. 10 Countries with Curious Gift Giving Traditions
  74. 10 of the World's Most Expensive Perfumes
  75. 12 Awesome Reasons to Give Flowers to Someone You Love
  76. 12 Gifts Women Actually Want for Valentine's Day
  77. 13 Best Gardening Gifts for Mom
  78. 13 Cheap Holiday Gifts for Bosses for
  79. 15 Gift Ideas for Your Boss
  80. 18 Spot-On Gifts for Your 'Type-A' Friend
  81. 20 Global Gifts & Holiday Traditions from Around the World
  82. 20 Christmas Flower Arrangements
  83. 20 Best Tech Gifts
  84. 20 Birthday Gifts for Every Type of Boyfriend
  85. 20 Good Birthday Gifts for Mom
  86. 23 Surprising Facts about Gift Giving
  87. 23 Appropriate Gifts for Your Boss
  88. 24 Best Friend Gifts
  89. 25 Best Gifts for Friends
  90. 25 Best Gifts for Dads
  91. 25 Best Gifts for New Moms That She'll Actually Use
  92. 26 Gifts for Your Boss
  93. 26 Thoughtful Birthday Gifts for Mom That Will Leave Her ...
  94. 28 Best Ever Valentine's Day Gifts
  95. 28 Gift Ideas for Your Boss
  96. 28 Best Gifts for Your Boss
  97. 30 Japanese Gifts for Anyone Obsessed With the Country
  98. 31 Best Birthday Gifts for Mom
  99. 31 of the Best Holiday Gifts to Give (or Get)
  100. 33 Actually Useful Gifts All Practical People Will Appreciate
  101. 36 Best Friend Christmas Gifts
  102. 39 Birthday Gifts for the Girlfriend Who Has Everything
  103. 40 Unique Gift Giving Traditions Around the World
  104. 42 Best Friend Gifts
  105. 43 Amazingly Awesome Gifts for Your Best Friends
  106. 43 Gifts For Your Boss That Might Get You Named "Employee ...
  107. 43 Best Gifts for Dads Who Already Have Everything ...
  108. 44 Birthday Gifts for Mom
  109. 46 Gift Ideas for Best Friends
  110. 48 Birthday Gifts for Boyfriends
  111. 50 Best Christmas Gift Ideas
  112. 50 Gifts for People Who Are Hard to Buy for
  113. 50 Best Gifts for Dad
  114. 51 Gifts That'll Make You Everyone's Favorite Person
  115. 51 Cool Ideas for Dads that Fit all Budgets
  116. 51 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Mom
  117. 52 Unique Gifts to Give Your Best Friend
  118. 52 Best Gifts for Boyfriends
  119. 52 Best Gifts for Girlfriend
  120. 52 Best Gift Ideas for Boyfriend
  121. 53 Best Friend Gifts
  122. 54 Gift Ideas for Boyfriends
  123. 54 Best Gifts for Dad - Gifts for Fathers
  124. 55 Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas
  125. 58 DIY Homemade Christmas Gifts
  126. 60 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend
  127. 60 Best Gifts for Mom
  128. 65 Best Birthday Gifts for Mom
  129. 73 Best Gifts for Dad
  130. 79 Best Gifts for Mom
  131. 100+ Best Holiday Gifts - Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Everyone
  132. 101 Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend
  133. 109 Unique and Thoughtful Gifts for the Friends
  134. 125 Unique Corporate Gift Ideas Your Clients and Customers
  135. 130+ Unique Gifts for Dad, Cool Dad Gift Ideas

How, Who, What, When, Where, Which & Why
  1. How to Care for Lilies in a Vase
  2. How to Care for Flowers
  3. How to Care for Tulips
  4. How to Care for Your Flowers
  5. How to Care for Fresh Cut Flowers
  6. How to Care for Fresh Cut Flowers | Teleflora
  7. How to Care for Your Cut Hydrangea Flowers
  8. How to Care for Cut Sunflowers
  9. How to Care for Aster Flowers
  10. How to Care for Peonies
  11. How to Keep a Rose Bouquet Fresh and Beautiful
  12. How to Keep Flowers Fresh Longer | FTD
  13. How to Keep Cut Lilacs Fresh
  14. How to Keep Flowers Fresh
  15. How to Keep Roses Fresh & Maximize Vase Life
  16. How to Keep Hydrangeas Alive in a Vase
  17. How to Keep Roses Fresh (Pictures)
  18. How to Make Orchids Re-bloom
  19. How to Make Flowers Last Longer |
  20. How to Make Flowers Last Longer | ProFlowers
  21. How to Make Fresh Flowers from Your Garden Last Indoors
  22. How to Wrap Presents of all Shapes and Sizes Like a Pro.
  23. How to Wrap Christmas Presents
  24. How to Give a Good Gift
  25. How to Give the Perfect Gifts
  26. How to Choose the Perfect Birthday Flowers
  27. How to Choose Flowers for Every Occasion
  28. How to Design with Roses
  29. How to Tie-dye Roses
  30. How to Propagate Rose Stem Cuttings
  31. How to Cut Peony Flowers for a Vase or Bouquet
  32. How Flowering Plants Changed the World
  33. How Do I Take Care of an Orchid Flower?
  34. How Did Wedding Flowers Get Started
  35. How Much Does the UK Spend on Gifts?
  36. How Receiving Flowers Affect a Woman's Emotional Health
  37. How and When to Plant Bulbs
  38. What Is the Meaning of a Sunflower?
  39. What Types of Gifts Do People Value the Most? |
  40. What Types of Gifts Do People Value the Most?
  41. What Gifts from the U.S Do the Japanese Generally Like?
  42. What Flowers You Choose Say About You
  43. What Can Keep Freshly Cut Roses in a Vase from Wilting? (video)
  44. What Makes People Happy When They Get Flowers?
  45. When & Where to See 20 Famous Flowers of Japan!
  46. When and Where to See Flowers in China
  47. When Did People Start Giving Gifts at Christmas?
  48. Where Did the Idea of Giving Gifts at Christmas Come from?
  49. Where Did Wedding Flowers and Traditions Come from?
  50. Why Do Brides Carry Bouquets at Weddings?
  51. Why Do We Give Gifts?
  52. Why Do We Give Gifts at Christmas?
  53. Why Do People Buy Flowers?
  54. Why Do Consumers Buy Flowers?
  55. Why Do People Love Flowers?
  56. Why Do We Have Flowers at Funerals?
  57. Why Flowers Are Loved by Millions
  58. Why People Love Flowers
  59. Why People Like Flowers the Most
  60. Why People Love Flowers and Floral Wall Art
  61. Why Flowers Make Us Happy
  62. Why Flowers Make Us Happy in the Month of Love
  63. Why Do People Like Flowers?
  64. Why Do Women Like Flowers?
  65. Why People Like Flowers: The Psychology Behind Popular Booms
  66. Why Roses?
  67. Why Flowers Always Make Women Happy
  68. Why Roses Are the Most Loved Flower
  69. Why on Earth Are Flowers Beautiful?
  70. Why We Like Flowers: The New Psychology of Bright Colors
  71. Why Do Flowers Smell Nice to Humans?
  72. Why You're Sneezing: The Most Beautiful Flowers in Bloom
  73. Why Our Gardens Are Incomplete Without Invaluable Native

Flowers Gallery: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10.
Flower Expressions



  • Bachelor button – hope of love; celibacy; blessedness; single blessedness
  • Basil – good wishes; success in love
  • Bay leaves - faithfulness; glory
  • Black-eyed Susan - justice
  • Bittersweet – truth
  • Blossoms of fruit, almond – hope
  • Blossoms of fruit, apple – admiration
  • Blossoms of fruit, cherry – spiritual beauty
  • Blossoms of fruit, orange – purity, fertility, loveliness
  • Blossoms of fruit, peace -- captivated
  • Bluebell – sad regret; constancy
  • Buttercup – money



  • Daffodil – unreturned love; innocence; regard
  • Dahlia – elegance
  • Daisy – share your feelings; hope
  • Daisy, white - innocence
  • Dandelion – Coquetry
  • Dill – powerful against evil
  • Dock – patience
  • Dogwood – love in spite of adversity






  • Iris – a compliment; a message
  • Ivy – fidelity, friendship, marriage; continuity








  • Rhododendron – warning
  • Rose of any color – love
  • Rose burgundy – unconscious beauty
  • Rose cabbage – ambassador of love
  • Rose Carolina – dangerous love
  • Rose Christmas – tranquility
  • Rose, coral – friendship; modesty, sympathy
  • Rose, dog – pleasure and pain
  • Rose, lancaster – union
  • Rose, may – precocity
  • Rose, musk – capricious beauty
  • Rose, moss – voluptuousness
  • Rose, red – love, desire
  • Rose, dark red – admiration; deep or passionate love; unconscious beauty
  • Rose, full bloom – engagement
  • Rose, half bloom – timid love
  • Rose, lavender – love at first sight
  • Rose, pink - happiness; grace; happiness; gentleness
  • Rose, pompon - gentility
  • Rose, orange - desire and enthusiasm
  • Rose, white – worthiness; purity; innocence; reverence; silence
  • Rose, yellow – jealousy; Unfaithfulness; joy; friendship; the promise of a new beginning
  • Rose, thornless – love at first sight
  • Rose, bridal – happy love
  • Roses, red and white together - unity
  • Rosebud, red – pure and lovely; youth; beauty
  • Rosebud, moss – confessions of love
  • Rosebud, white – girlhood
  • Rosemary – remembrance; commitment; fidelity
  • Rue – grace, clear vision






  • Yarrow – cure for heartache; everlasting love


  • Zinnia – thoughts of absent friends; absent love

Did You Know?
  1. Rafflesia Arnoldii is a flower measured up to 3 feet across and weighs close to 15 pounds. It is an endemic plant that occurs only in the rainforest of Bengkulu, Sumatra Island, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Though beautiful to behold, the bloom has a strong odor of decaying flesh.
  2. Puya raimondii (also known as queen of the Ande) has a flower stalk 35,000 feet tall and bears over 8,000 white flowers; it is native to Bolivia and Peru and is restricted to the high Andes at an elevation of 3000 – 4800 m. The first naturalist to see Puya raimondii Harms was apparently A. D' Orbigny, who saw it between Cochabamba and Santa Cruz, Bolivia in October 1830.
  3. Archaefructus sinensis, a flower discovered in 2002 in northeast China, was bloomed around 125 million years ago and resembles a water lily.
  4. Amorphophallus titanum, the titan arum, is a flowering plant in the family Araceae. It has the largest unbranched inflorescence in the world. The inflorescence of the talipot palm, Corypha umbraculifera, is larger, but it is branched rather than unbranched. Amorphophallus titanum is endemic to rainforests on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Its flower is measured up to 10 feet (3 meters) high and 3 feet (1 meter) wide.
  5. One of the largest flowers in the world is the Puya raimondii (also known as queen of the Ande), which has a flower stalk 35,000 feet tall and bears over 8,000 white flowers; it is native to Bolivia and Peru and is restricted to the high Andes at an elevation of 3000 – 4800 m. The first naturalist to see Puya raimondii Harms was apparently A. D'Orbigny, who saw it between Cochabamba and Santa Cruz, Bolivia in October 1830.
  6. Be careful when giving flowers to someone in Russia, since traditionally, yellow blooms signify deceit or a relationship break-up, and red carnations are placed on the graves of the dead, or are offered to surviving war veterans.
  7. Columbines are wildflowers with multi-colored, white, red, yellow, blue, pink, lavender; the flowers are native to most temperate regions of the world, and bloom in the spring.
  8. Scarlet pimpernel flowers, which are open only when the sun shines, can forecast the weather. If the flower is closed up, rain is coming and if it is opened up, the day will be sunny.
  9. The honeybee plays a key role in our agricultural production; bees account for 80% of all agricultural pollution.
  10. About 60 percent of fresh-cut flowers grown in the U.S. come from California.
  11. Dandelions's flowers and leaves provide a good source of vitamins A and C, iron, calcium and potassium. One cup of dandelion greens provides 7,000-13,000 I.U. of vitamin A.
  12. Mimosa punica, a sensitive plant, folds up its leaves when it is touched. This rapid plant movement is thought to act as a defence against herbivores.
  13. Sunflowers, which are huge, fiery blooms, whose shape and image, and are often used to depict the sun, move throughout the day in response to the movement of the sun from east to west.
  14. Moon-flowers bloom only at night.
  15. About 60 percent of fresh-cut flowers grown in the U.S. come from California.
  16. Selenicereus grandiflorus bloom only once a year, for a single night.
  17. The White House grounds are the oldest continually maintained landscape in the United States. One weekend during the spring and fall the White House south grounds are open to the public. Visitors have the opportunity to see the two formal gardens, the Rose Garden near the West Wing and the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden near the East Wing as well as the Kitchen Garden which was established in 2009. Along with the gardens, visitors can view many of the ornamental trees planted by former presidents.
  18. Chrysanthemums, Chinese Rose, Peony, Lotus, Plum Blossom, Camellia, Azalea, Hibiscus, Magnolia, and Narcissus are top flowers in Chinese culture
  19. Be careful when giving flowers to someone in Russia, since traditionally, yellow blooms signify deceit or a relationship break-up, and red carnations are placed on the graves of the dead, or are offered to surviving war veterans.
  20. Columbines are wildflowers with multi-colored, white, red, yellow, blue, pink, lavender; the flowers are native to most temperate regions of the world, and bloom in the spring.
  21. The honeybee plays a key role in our agricultural production; bees account for 80% of all agricultural pollution.
  22. The most popular Valentine's gifts are greeting cards (65%), romantic dinner (44%), candy (38%), flowers (32%), gift cards (29%), plush toys (21%), some other kind of gift (17%), perfume or cologne (12%), and, surprisingly, jewelry comes in last at 11%.
  23. Scrawling a person’s name in red ink on a birthday card traditionally signifies that the person is deceased in Korea.
  24. When giving gifts to someone in the Netherlands, don't give fancy kitchen knives or scissors as gifts; giving sharp, pointy objects as gifts is considered unlucky.
  25. Straw sandals, clocks, handkerchiefs and flowers are all associated with death and funerals in China; be careful when giving these gifts and flowers to people in to someone in China.
  26. Top Gift Cards:
  27. The £3.5 Million Diamond Bra - A Flawless 2000-Diamond Bra complete with a 10-Carat ...
  28. Wildly expensive valentine’s day gifts: Chrystalized Amphora for $3,500 , Ferrari Ascent Ti for $9,650, Biometric Briefcase for $12,000, Fendi 24-Carat Gold Python Bag for $36,000, Vacheron Constantin Quai de L’Ile for $60,000, North Pole Dogsled Expedition for $51,184, Jean Schlumberger Bracelet for $65,000, Ruffle Cuff Bracelet for $250,000, Isla Bonita (Brazil) for $2.6 million, and Castle Carbonana for $15.5 million
  29. Scrawling a person's name in red ink on a birthday card traditionally signifies that the person is deceased in Korea.
  30. In 2011 the most wanted gifts for women were the Victoria Beckham's bags collection, the Cleopatra's carpet, Beyonce Knowles' ring, and the Taylor-Burton's diamond.

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